Farrah Abraham dishes on therapy, reveals she was ‘recently sexually assaulted’

Teen Mom Family Reunion star stresses the importance of therapy after admitting to recent sexual assault
Farrah Abraham has revealed a recent sexual assault. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham has a lot going on in her life aside from the drama on Teen Mom Family Reunion. The controversial reality TV personality just opened up in a new interview and revealed that she was “recently sexually assaulted.”

Farrah said she is dealing with the trauma by talking to her therapist, something she had been doing prior to the incident in relation to other issues.

The single mom, who got pregnant with daughter Sophia while she was still a teen, lost the father of her child before Sophia was born. She has also been dealing with that loss in therapy.

Farrah Abraham says she was ‘recently sexually assaulted’

The Teen Mom Family Reunion star shared a delicate moment during a recent interview while dishing about therapy, mental health issues, and surviving trauma. Farrah has suffered plenty of trauma after going through a myriad of issues over the years, including an arrest a few weeks ago.

However, she also told the hosts of the YouTube show, Nice For What, that she recently endured another traumatic incident.

“What I recently have gone through – and I just got off a phone call [for] my therapy session prior to you ladies — is I was recently assaulted, sexually assaulted and it’s been a very difficult time.”

The 30-year-old went on to explain that she has always understood the importance of therapy.

“When women have to go through a sexual assault and then, you know, from anxiety, sadness, depression, pressures, I’m just so blessed that I’ve always taken therapy so serious, from losing my daughter’s father, to now with this assault,” Farrah shared.

Farrah Abraham shares more details about her sexual assault

The Teen Mom Family Reunion star also stressed the importance of speaking out about sexual assault. This is not the first time she has done just that.

Early last year, she was one of nine women who accused former Windsor, California Mayor, Dominic Foppoli of sexual misconduct. He later resigned from his post but denied the allegations against him.

It is not known whether Farrah’s latest comments are in relation to the allegations she made against him, or about another incident.

“Some women, when they were sexually assaulted, it’s sad that they were wide awake,” said Farrah. “Most of us are being drugged, so it kinda leads your brain into a dissolution or confusion for days after and that’s kind of what had happened.”

The MTV star also shared that she was “proud” of how her parents supported her when she opened up to them about the assault.

“When I could fully kind of understand and put pieces of things together — and luckily my brain still works so we could get on this call — I think my parents were super helpful and understanding.”

Farrah also revealed that despite some people telling her to do otherwise, she has gone to the authorities to report the crime.

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