Farrah Abraham ‘checking into trauma treatment’ after threatening legal action for ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ title

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom Family Reunion
Farrah Abraham threatened legal action over a video of her selling her poop in a jar in which Barstool Sports referred to her as “Backdoor Teen Mom.” Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham is threatening legal action once again and this time, it’s against Barstool Sports, who shared a video of her marketing her poop in a jar and referred to her as “Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham.”

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Farrah shocked fans and critics last month when video surfaced of her latest business venture: selling her poop in jars.

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham cries ‘defamation,’ threatens lawsuit against Barstool Sports

Now, Farrah is threatening to sue Barstool Sports and has threatened cease and desist letters because of what she deems false information being spread about herself.

Farrah took to Twitter recently to share several tweets in which she accused Barstool Sports – a digital media company who shares sports and pop-culture stories – of “defamation” and also called out the celebrity gossip site for men, Egotastic.

Farrah shared a tweet in which she tagged both Barstool Sports and Egotastic which read, “@egotastic and @barstoolsports cease & desist spreading false information on poop or toilet paper etc regards to my name as it’s illegal and false.”

“You do not have my consent on posting this and I’ve never done that. Defamation is against the law. Sorry to s**t buyers.”

farrah abraham threatens cease and desist on twitter
Pic credit: @F1abraham/Twitter

One day later, Farrah responded to a tweet made by Barstool Sports. The tweet made by the media outlet was captioned, “Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Now Selling Jars Of Her Literal S**t Online In Order To Make A Quick Buck,” and included a link to their article about Farrah selling her poop in a jar.

It seems that Farrah was unhappy with being called “Backdoor Teen Mom,” a title playing off her sex tape in 2013 called “Farrah Abraham: Backdoor Teen Mom.”

Farrah responded to Barstool Sports’ tweet, saying she didn’t give them consent to refer to her as “Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham,” warned them of defamation, and demanded they delete the tweet.

Farrah retweeted their tweet and wrote, “@barstoolsports I did not consent being called the title that you called me nor did I title a video your obsessed with, nor you are not allowed to continue misinformation on watermarked content I own. Remove this now legally you do not have my consent. Defamation.”

farrah abraham is threatening a defamation lawsuit against bar stool sports
Pic credit: @F1abraham/Twitter

Just a short time later on the same day, Farrah took to Twitter once again to threaten a lawsuit against Barstool Sports in a long-winded rant and revealed that she’ll be checking into a treatment program for her trauma.

Farrah Abraham ‘filing a lawsuit,’ checking into ‘trauma treatment program’

“@barstoolsports if you do not delete all of your misogynistic, patriarchy, hate crime, defamation “Back door teen mom” titles down in assocation with my name I’m filing a law [suit]. I’ve gone to sex therapy from the sex tape bulls**t I went through, I’ve said enough about my reality and I’ll be damned if you wish to bully me, manipulate who I am, retaliate, defame, and continue to share illegal content I own and mislead people.”

Farrah continued, “I’ve had enough damage on my life and I’ve already said to stop and take it down. I’m filing a lawsuit today and I hope @Barstoolsports shuts down. If you don’t have a law degree don’t be a failed journalist. I’m checking into a trauma treatment program and I’m tired of this. Keep things in context and get consent.”

Farrah is known for bringing the drama wherever she goes and she continues to perpetuate her reputation. News of Farrah filing a lawsuit comes on the heels of her recent arrest in LA for allegedly slapping a security guard. Farrah also caused an uproar when she joined her Teen Mom Family Reunion castmates and an altercation ensued.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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Yeah. File that law “SUITE” you dumb, mentally ill pig.