Fans want Julia to know that they don’t want Brandon after she described her jealousy on Happily Ever After

Brandon and Julia Happily Ever After
After Julia’s admission to feeling jealous over Brandon, fans let her know that she can keep him Pic credit: TLC

Julia went a little off the rails at Brandon when she thought that he looked at their waitress too long, leading her to explain her extreme jealousy over Brandon in an interview.

Fans, however, want Julia to know that women do not want her man-baby husband.

Fans see Brandon’s nature as being overly immature and believe he lacks communication skills and a sense of independence. They are also annoyed by Julia’s short-sightedness and her tendency to throw criticism in every direction but her own.

It seems like hearing Julia describe her jealously over Brandon as being mistrusting of other women made fans cringe and they wanted to let her know that she can keep him.

90 Day Fiance fans think Brandon is a man-child

Fans have become increasingly annoyed with Brandon and Julia after their appearance on the 90 Day Fiance Tell All where they thought Julia was overly judgemental. Brandon’s attachment to his parents and inability to stand up for himself against them in favor of his wife also rubs viewers the wrong way.

Her latest admission of jealousy over Brandon brought fans together to let her know that they do not want him. It seems like Brandon’s inability to grow up is why he is has been labeled a man-baby.

Tweet about Brandon Gibbs
Fans remarked on Twitter about their disinterest in taking Brandon from Julia. Pic credit: @tammymoran66/Twitter

They had many choice words for what they think of Brandon and Julia.

Reddit user talking about Brandon Gibbs
Reddit users went in on their thoughts of Brandon and Julia Pic credit: @u/prettyupsidedown/Reddit

Fans even discussed Brandon’s level of man-child by harkening back to one of his first scenes on 90 Day Fiance where he was playing Nintendo while sitting cross-legged in the back on his parent’s van.

Reddit user talking about Brandon Gibbs
Fans brought up some of their first impressions of Brandon. Pic credit: @u/prettyupsidedown/Reddit

Can Julia and Brandon change fan opinions?

It is possible for Brandon and Julia to display more independent and mature behavior throughout the course of this season and that might change viewers’ opinions of them.

It seems like both of them know that they have some growing to do but they are having a hard time taking the steps to better themselves.

They started out as a very likable couple in the beginning but Brandon’s man-child persona and Julia’s constant complaining wore on fans.

If they spend more time this season doing the things that they talk about and less time being critical of each other then they might be able to win fans back.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? will premiere Sunday, April 25 at 8/7c on TLC.

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