90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap: Indecent proposal

Angela, Asuelu, Libby, and Ronald from 90 Day Fiance
Some of the couples made some compromises while other hit brick walls on the second episode of Season 6 of Happily Ever After? Pic credit: TLC

The couples on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? are in different but equally challenging situations as they navigate married life amid cultural differences and unforeseen obstacles.

This week, some of the couples came to compromises around their ongoing struggles, while others seemed to hit a brick wall. There was progress made in some instances, but a few of the cast members did end up backsliding into old problems and fighting.

Since it is early in the season, the stage is still being set for some pairs, but there is still some heavy drama being laid down. The couples are facing tests to their marriages, futures, and relationships with family.

There were compromises made between some Happily Ever After couples

Julia and Brandon were still enjoying their Las Vegas vacation this week and Julia was trying very hard to convince Brandon that they should move there. Brandon made it clear that he doesn’t want to move to a big city but that he would compromise for Richmond, VA. Julia was okay with that but hinted that things might change once she gets her green card.

Julia also talked about her jealousy issues after Brandon looked at their waitress, and they also argued about Brandon not encouraging Julia’s desire to be a wedding planner.

Julia and Brandon from 90 Day Fiance
Brandon and Julia got news of their date for the green card interview. Pic credit: TLC

Kalani told Asuelu that her sister, Kolini, was coming to stay with them at their parent’s house in Utah the day Kolini was arriving because she was scared of his reaction since they don’t get along. To her surprise, Asuelu was welcoming to the idea and only wished Kalani felt comfortable enough to tell him sooner.

Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck, called a family business meeting to discuss Andrei joining the business and learning the ropes. Once they heard that Andrei asked Chuck for $100,000, Elizabeth’s siblings lost it and talked trash about him. Charlie said some choice words. Elizabeth got mad and stormed out, but after a family talk, they decided to let him in because it means they would be helping Elizabeth ultimately.

First, however, Andrei and Charlie have to meet to squash their drama before working with each other.

A few serious moments took place for the cast

Angela was in LA and went through her pre-surgery appointment for her gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. Angela was caught by the doctor holding cigarettes and a lighter in her breasts while she has been instructed not to smoke because it could cause complications for her surgery.

She was also told she would have problems with extra skin and her heavy breasts after the surgery, so she met with a plastic surgeon to discuss her options. She mercilessly flirted with the doctor from Ghana, but flirting aside; he told her that they should do a breast lift and reduction the same day as the weight loss surgery.

Angela Deem
Angela hit on her plastic surgery doctor during her examination. Pic credit: TLC

All seemed well with Natalie and Mike as they celebrated Mike’s 36th birthday and Natalie surprised him with his favorite sushi in their hotel lobby. The happiness was short-lived, however, when they started talking about visiting Mike’s friends in Reno.

Mike told Natalie that she is harsh and tends to attack people and asked her to be nice when they meet his friends. Natalie responded by saying, “Maybe they shouldn’t send you naked pics, that would be polite.”

Mike immediately got mad by the comment and left the table and went up to the room. He came down a short time later with his bag packed and left. Natalie said that a girl from Nevada has repeatedly sent pictures of her boobs to Mike.

It was the first episode this season that Tiffany and Ronald were featured on and they explained their difficult situation. They have not seen each other in eight months, they have been waiting to hear about the results of their spousal visa application for 10 months, and they’ve been having many fights over finances.

Tiffany is at the point where she even consulted with a divorce lawyer after feeling like she has not been emotionally or financially supported by Ronald. In a heated phone call, Tiffany told Ronald she canceled her tickets to South Aftrica with their children and told Ron if he wants them to come, he has to pay for it.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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