Fans think Survivor legend Cirie Fields was ‘traumatized’ by her Big Brother season

Cirie BB25 Smile
Cirie Fields gave Big Brother a try on Season 25. Pic credit: CBS

Cirie Fields made a name for herself during four appearances on Survivor.

After winning the first season of The Traitors USA, Cirie took a shot at winning Big Brother. Her experience was not a fond one.

Cirie was very open about not enjoying the 100-day season of Big Brother 25. But has it also stuck with her?

Cirie acted miserable on the Big Brother live feeds as the days ticked off the calendar. She talked to herself often and noted that she wanted people to leave her alone.

In comparison, Cirie’s seasons of Survivor were 39 days. Her stint on The Traitors was even shorter, as they filmed it in a few weeks. Big Brother was a different beast altogether.

This underscores how Cirie is the perfect person to ask about the difficulties of each show.

Did Big Brother traumatize Cirie Fields?

Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County recently hosted a chat with Cirie and Janelle Pierzina (from Big Brother All-Stars and The Traitors 2).

Tamra was also on The Traitors 2 but got eliminated right before Janelle. It gave the ladies something to chat about, but Tamra then asked them which game was the hardest.

“This clip has me crying cirie is so traumatized from big brother,” wrote a Big Brother fan on a social media post with a video clip.

That fan is not alone, as many fans saw how “done” with Big Brother Cirie was as the summer months dragged on.

In the clip shared below, Janelle and Cirie agree that Big Brother is the hardest, and Cirie’s expression when she answers says more than her words.

Another Survivor and Big Brother fan expressed why they thought Cirie was so good at The Traitors. They also expressed why Dan Gheesling was so bad coming over from Big Brother to play on The Traitors 2.

“I think my biggest takeaway tonight is how Survivor goats like Cirie know how to play so well in a fast environment but struggle in slower environments where Dan knows how to thrive with letting the dust settle. Both will always be legends #TheTraitors,” wrote the fan.

Cirie And Dan Fan
A reality TV fan weighs in. Pic credit: @survivorbbfan11/X

Many reality TV fans agree with the sentiments Cirie and Janelle shared.

“I think Big Brother is just a vastly different game from the rest and is harder to adapt from/to #TheTraitorsUS,” wrote a fan reacting to Cirie’s comments about Big Brother being “the hardest game.”

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