Fan-favorite Charity Lawson dishes on joining The Bachelor at the perfect time

Charity Lawson
The Bachelor contestant Charity gives details on her relationship before joining the show. Pic credit: Ricky Middlesworth/ABC/

The stars were aligned for contestant Charity Lawson as she signed on to join Season 27 of The Bachelor.

Charity, the 26-year-old therapist from Columbus, Georgia, recently opened up about the long-term relationship she had prior to the show.

While speaking to hosts and former Bachelorettes Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Charity said she had been in an on-and-off relationship for six years that had started when the two were seniors in high school.

While she thought her ex-boyfriend was her “person,” the two had some trouble as they went off to college, rekindling again after they had both graduated.

Despite that, however, Charity called the relationship “unhealthy” and said she was the one to ultimately “pull the plug.”

“It was just a moment where I had to stand up for myself and advocate like, what are the things that I want in a relationship, not just what this person needs and always giving in to what they want,” she explained.

Charity Lawson dishes on how her past relationship led her to The Bachelor

After the relationship ended, Charity revealed that she went to therapy and spent time figuring out what it was that she was looking for in a potential partner.

After some casual dating, Charity said that she had a period where she decided not to see anyone and just “focus on herself” instead.

And, low and behold, the opportunity to be on Season 27 of The Bachelor came soon after — right at the perfect time for the now-contestant.

Although Charity had reservations about joining the show, the timing seemed to “fall into place” in a way that couldn’t have been passed up. Between her graduating, going through the casting process, and receiving the final call, Charity explained that everything was simply “pointing to The Bachelor.”

In terms of officially signing on, Charity wanted to enter the experience with an unplanned approach and an open mindset. “If it’s for me, it’s for me, and if it’s not, it’s not,” she stated.

She also said that being a contestant on the show “didn’t hit her” until the moment she stepped out of the limo for the first time and held onto Zach’s hand.

While it’s still unsure whether or not Charity will be one of Zach’s top ladies, she has already solidified herself as a fan-favorite of the season.

Fans show love for Charity Lawson after Week 4

During last Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, the love for Charity was evident after she continued to show maturity amongst some of the other girls currently vying for Zach’s heart.

Taking to Twitter, some viewers deemed the contestant as their favorite.

Some also wished for more screen time for Charity after seeing her refreshing conversations with Zach.

“I’m ALL IN on Charity,” another viewer claimed. “The dress, her no bulls**t attitude, her sweetness, all of it. Yes.”

Overall, many fans were ready to stand behind Charity if anything were to happen to her on the show.

As the squad takes on London Town tonight, fans can expect to see more of Charity as she attempts to deepen her connection with the leading man.

However, a dramatic twist in tonight’s trailer shows the cast may have to overcome a huge hurdle in the process.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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