Families of the Mafia exclusive: Angela tells Boris she wants a divorce

Angela and Eli in a Families of the Mafia confessional.
Angela Nayfeld makes her intentions clear on Families of the Mafia. Pic credit: MTV

Families of the Mafia viewers have gotten to know the Nayfelds as the new season began. Eli Kiperman is his son and the face of the family for the show.

He and his mother, Angela Nayfeld, have been discussing the next steps with Russian mobster, Boris Nayfeld, coming back to the United States. He wants his mom to divorce his father, and she isn’t too keen on it until she thinks it through.

In this exclusive Families of the Mafia clip, Angela meets with Seva Kaplan, a friend of her and Boris, at a restaurant and encourages him to reach out to her estranged husband.

When he agrees, things take a big misstep. When he begins to dog Angela, she blurts out she wants a divorce, which sends him into a fit of anger.

Boris is upset by her words and flings insults and curse words at her and gets louder when she grabs the phone from their friend.

This makes things difficult for the friend who was trying to help her, but Seva may have just cost himself everything because of Boris’ reaction.

To find out what happens on Families of the Mafia between Angela and Boris Nayfeld, be sure to tune in!

Families of the Mafia airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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