Exes Justin and Alexis team up to ‘spill the tea’ on ‘WTF moments’ from MAFS

MAFS exes Justin Hall and Alexis Williams screenshot photo
Alexis Williams and Justin Hall join forces for a new project. Pic credit: Lifetime

Justin Hall and Alexis Williams have come a long way since their divorce, and they are now teaming up to spill the tea.

The duo recently promoted their new show featuring the exes as they watch some of the most memorable scenes from her season.

They’ll also share their reactions and reveal things the audience didn’t get to see.

We met Alexis and Justin on Season 15 of Married at First Sight, and at first, they were smitten with each other.

The couple had a great start to their marriage, and in a few days, Justin was already in love, and surprisingly, so was Alexis.

They seemed to be on a great path, but things took a drastic turn after the honeymoon – as soon as they moved in together.

After a while, Justin got backlash for being too emotional, and by the end of the season, they’d had several big arguments.

Alexis shocked viewers when she opted to stay married on Decision Day, but a few hours later, she changed her mind.

Despite the dramatic end to their marriage, Alexis and Justin can now laugh about their journey on the show.

Exes Alexis Williams and Justin Hall are ready to spill the MAFS tea

The former couple is on good terms because they just announced a new joint project.

Justin shared a post on Instagram that showed a photo of him and Alexis and the name of their new show, Ex’s Cam Exit Strategy.

“Get ready to dive into the juiciest moments from our married at first sight journey with @alexisgracew 🌈,” he stated in the caption.

“Let’s rewind, laugh, and maybe even cringe together as we revisit scenes, arguments, and those ‘WTF’ moments. It’s been a wild two years of growth and self-reflection since our wedding day,” he added.

Justin claimed that he and Alexis had the idea for the show after getting DMs and seeing comments from MAFS viewers.

He revealed that the first episode is set to premiere on Instagram and other platforms before the year ends.

“it’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions you won’t want to miss! 🚀 #MAFSRewind #staytuned,” he added.

MAFS star Justin Hall's Instagram post
An Instagram announcement. Pic credit: @the_colorgrey/Instagram

Justin says his girlfriend ‘approves’ of his project with ex-wife Alexis

While it’s good to see the MAFS exes getting along, Justin has been in a relationship for quite some time.

After he shared the post, an Instagram commenter wanted to know if his girlfriend was okay with his new project with Alexis.

“Justin how does Caitlin feel about this? My guess she is supportive just from the little I have seen.”

“@cindydarr07 she approves. I run everything through her,” responded Justin.

Justin Hall responds to an Instagram follower.
Followers respond on Instagram. Pic credit: @the_colorgrey/Instagram

Will you be tuning in to Alexis and Justin’s new show?

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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