MAFS viewers react to Alexis and Justin’s latest fight, think the couple is ‘crashing and burning’

Justin and Alexis from Married at First Sight Season 15
Alexis and Justin experience fights and frustrations on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alexis and Justin’s honeymoon phase has come to a screeching halt as the pair still grapples with their pets’ bloody fight. 

When moving in together, Alexis and Justin’s dogs interacted for the first time, and it didn’t end well, as Justin’s dog bit Alexis’ dog Newton, drawing blood. 

The dog fight has caused a significant divide between Alexis and Justin as they struggle to get back on the same page. 

Dog dilemmas continued to plague the relationship in the latest episode, as Alexis confronted Justin about him allegedly failing to communicate that her dog was not eating and was throwing up blood. 

Alexis and Justin’s conversation around Newton led to a heated fight and several tense exchanges throughout the episode.

MAFS viewers reacted to Alexis and Justin clashing on social media. 

MAFS viewers question Alexis and Justin’s ability as dog owners 

Alexis and Justin both came under fire for how they handled the dog fiascos. 

A viewer wrote, “I almost felt bad for Justin and Alexis over this dog situation. Then I remembered they spent half the last episode clowning and outwardly judging every other couple at the honeymoon. Come to find out, they can’t even socialize two dogs.” 

One Twitter user suggested, “Justin is too traumatized to tell you something else is wrong with Newton. he’s afraid of ending up at obedience school with Mya.” 

A critic slammed Justin, writing, “Her dog is her baby. If somebody baby is throwing up blood and not eating, they gon wanna know. Justin, you my brother, are an idiot.” 

Another critic shared, “Justin knew the dog wasn’t eating for 2 days, throwing up blood, but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile Alexis didn’t realize anything was wrong with her own dog! I’m worried about that dog with these two taking care of her.” 

One viewer tweeted, “That’s a damn shame…Justin is so scared to make a mistake in fear of losing his marriage. He’s going to be walking on egg shells for the rest of this process.” 

MAFS viewers think Alexis and Juston’s marriage is in trouble 

Despite Alexis and Justin’s early profession of love, MAFS viewers don’t appear to have much hope that they can go the distance after recent episodes. 

A viewer wrote, “‘False dreams,’ Justin crying every episode, and dog prisons?, Lord we know where this marriage is headed.” 

Another tweeted, “Justin and Alexis really about to let a dog ruin their marriage LMAO like can y’all lighten up???” 

One critic noted, “Alexis and Justin were uncomfortable sitting in their new apartment before the dog incident. Vacation was over and Alexis realized that she stuck with this man in this apartment for 7 weeks and is using the dog as an out.” 

A viewer shared, “Alexis and Justin’s issues can be fixed with one visit by a professional or one therapy session I swear. This is dragging out too much.” 

Finally, a viewer expressed, “Damn Justin and Alexis crashing and burning.” 

Do you think Alexis and Justin can bounce back from their current conflict? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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