Exclusive: Three more accusers claim Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has scammed them

Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Ronald Smith is accused of selling inverters to South Africans and then not delivering. Pic credit: TLC

Three more accusers have come forward, claiming they paid 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Ronald Smith for goods he did not deliver.

Monsters and Critics exclusively reported on a previous claim, which was refunded to Ronald’s accuser prior to us publishing our story.

Now we have been contacted about several more allegations the South African native has been accused of since he split from Tiffany Franco and moved on with his new girlfriend, Lauren Fraser.

According to the three individuals we spoke with exclusively, Ronald has been selling inverters on social media, but when it comes time to deliver, he isn’t showing up.

As seen on a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, the inverters are used to help provide energy to homes to help keep them cool and keep food refrigerated during South Africa’s “load-shedding” energy blackouts.

The blackouts are intentionally implemented by the South African state-owned energy company a couple of times a day to conserve power in an effort to keep the grid from collapsing as part of an ongoing energy crisis.

One man we spoke with told us how he tried to meet up with Ronald for delivery 14 times before giving up. He and a witness claim that he paid Ronald 17,000 rand, or nearly 900 US dollars.

A woman with a similar complaint told Monsters and Critics that she’s now filed a report with local police. In this particular case, she claims Ronald owes her 38,000 rand, which is a little over 2,000 US dollars.

She showed us a letter, said to be from Ronald, claiming that if she dropped the charges, he would refund her.

A third accuser showed that he paid Ronald 9,500 rand and was able to recover all but 1000 of it. He told Monsters and Critics that he’s lost hope of recovering the remainder of his money.

Ronald spoke to Monsters and Critics about the initial allegation we reported on. However, when we reached out again to ask him to comment on these new accusations, he did not respond.

Not the first time Ronald Smith has been accused of scamming this summer

Just last week, Monsters and Critics exclusively reported on another woman accusing Ronald Smith of “scamming.”

Madelein Majiet complained that she attempted to purchase an inverter from Ronald on Facebook Marketplace but never received it.

After going back and forth with the former 90 Day Fiance star, Madelein decided she just wanted her money back and demanded Ronald refund her.

In a post made in the Scam Alert South Africa public Facebook group, she warned others of what she claims she went through.

“Please don’t buy an inverter from Ronald Avo Smith,” Madelein wrote along with her allegation about how she paid Ronald for an inverter but never received it.

“He promised to give our money back but he just ended up blocking my number,” said Madelein.

Monsters and Critics reached out to Ronald about that instance, and he responded.

“I did not scam her,” he affirmed, saying that he had helped the woman secure an inverter, and when he was on his way to deliver it, two hours away, she got impatient.

“She told me as I’m on the way I must cancel and refund her. She kept saying refund refund I was like okay then I turned around took the stuff back the following day and then the supplier did a refund.”

Madelein did receive her refund just prior to the publishing of that story.

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco are still sparring on social media

The scam claims are not the only thing plaguing Ronald Smith these days.

He also can’t seem to stop the drama with his estranged wife and mother of his child, Tiffany Franco.

Last week, Tiffany took to Instagram with a funny video claiming she received a lengthy message from Ronald’s new girlfriend, Lauren — one that she says she didn’t even bother to read.

Instead, Tiffany said she blocked Lauren and went on with her day. Later, while putting on makeup and chatting with her fans, she explained what the drama was about.

Ronald quickly fired back with an Instagram post of his own, calling Tiffany a “joke.”

In the caption, he wrote, “baby mama drama ai she thinks I’m still stuck on her… haha mean while im here with my new lady laughing at what stories she is trying to spread.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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