90 Day Fiance exclusive: Ronald Smith responds to claim he scammed a woman online

90 Day Fiance star Ronald Smith screenshot
Ronald Smith denies claims that he scammed a Facebook user. Pic credit: TLC

A woman blasted 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever? star Ronald Smith dubbed him a scammer over a transaction that went sour, but he vehemently denied that claim.

Things escalated when a buyer name Madelein Majiet purchased an inverter on Facebook Marketplace from Ronald and sent the payment online.

That’s where things get a bit murky because she said he never delivered the item and that she was having difficulties getting her money back.

She posted a series of screenshots of Ronald on social media and warned people not to purchase from him amid claims he had scammed her.

However, the South African native recently spoke with Monsters and Critics exclusively and shared his side of the story.

He denied that there was any foul play with their transaction and warned that he could sue her for slandering his name.

Woman claims Ronald Smith scammed her on Facebook Marketplace

Drama ensued when Madelein posted about the 90 Day Fiance star in a public group named Scam Alert South Africa and warned others about him.

She posted a screenshot of Ronald’s page and wrote the word “Scam” over his photo.

“Please don’t buy an inverter from Ronald Avo Smith,” she wrote, then explained that she paid him for an inverter but claimed she never received it.

“He promised to give our money back but he just ended up blocking my number,” said Madelein.

She then shared another screenshot of the TLC personality and added, “Ronald Smith steals your money. Don’t buy any Inverter from him. He’s on Facebook market. He will be reported today.”

Photos of Ronald Smith posted by a Facebook user.
Facebook user blasts Ronald Smith. Pic credit: @madeleinmajiet/Facebook

90 Day Fiance star Ronald Smith denies claim he scammed a woman online

Meanwhile, Monsters and Critics reached out to Ronald for his side of the story.

“I did not scam her,” affirmed Ronald, who said that he had helped the woman secure an inverter, and when he was on his way to deliver it, two hours away, she got impatient.

“She told me as I’m on the way I must cancel and refund her,” he explained. “She kept saying refund refund i was like okay then i turned around took the stuff back the following day and then the supplier did a refund.”

However, he said that the buyer had not received the money yet because it takes three to five days to reflect in her account.

“She is mad coz refund is not immediate but ima sue her for name slandering,” he added.

Meanwhile, after speaking with Ronald, a source assured us that Madelein has since received her refund.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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10 months ago

He scammed me to pls contact me for all the detail… more than 38 000 paid to him

Another Victim
Another Victim
10 months ago
Reply to  Margaret

Hi Margaret,

How can I get in touch with you? are you also victim of Inverter deal?

10 months ago

He is lying that’s what he also say about me , I drove now 3 times already to him more than 250km and he still does mot deliver.. a guy from Rustenburg also drove mow 4 times to him and still did not receive his goods.. he told us both that he will make a name slander case , his uncle is an advocate and he is busy with the case …. he lies and steals we have all the proof to show the world what this man is doing

Another Victim
Another Victim
10 months ago
Reply to  Margaret

Hi Margaret,

Yes his uncle story is common, same dialogue. looks like he runs this as a professional business.

Could you please contact me on just10minutes at gmail dot com