Exclusive interview: Extreme Sisters Jessica and Christina talk close bond and heartbreaking miscarriage

Extreme Sisters stars Jessica Dunagan and Christina Manning
Jessica Dunagan and Christina Manning get real in exclusive interview. Pic credit: @christina.manning1983/Instagram

Jessica Dunagan and Christina Manning have entertained us for the past two seasons on their show Extreme Sisters, and we’ve learned that their bond is unbreakable.

However, that bond has definitely been tested over the past few years, especially when Christina’s then-boyfriend John entered the picture.

Jessica’s rocky relationship with John caused strife with her sister, and when Season 2 premiered, we learned that the twins had stopped speaking for three months.

As the season played out, Jessica announced that she was pregnant just as Christina was about to give birth to her first child with John, now her husband.

In the last episode, the couple’s son was born. During the home birth, we witnessed an emotional yet surprising moment between John and Jessica, who finally decided to put their differences aside.

During a recent chat with the brunette beauties, they opened up to Monsters and Critics about their romantic relationships and also revealed a heartbreaking loss that Jessica suffered after the cameras wrapped filming.

Extreme Sisters star Jessica Dunagan opens up about her heartbreaking miscarriage

Jessica and her boyfriend Josh announced that they were expecting a child during Season 2, but we haven’t heard much since the show ended.

For the first time, Jessica revealed to Monsters and Critics that they lost their baby.

“I haven’t let this come out, but Josh and I actually had a miscarriage,” confessed Jessica. “We went to our first ultrasound, and the heart stopped beating the day before.”

“It was a hard time for Josh and I, you know, this is his first child,” said Jessica — who also has a son from a previous marriage.

The TLC star said fans of the show have been asking about her baby, but she wanted to heal before opening up about the heartbreaking loss.

Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan get real about their relationships

Thankfully, the sisters had reconciled by then, and Christina was able to be there as a source of support.

Meanwhile, Jessica is in therapy as she continues to heal and revealed that she has grown so much since we saw her last.

The Extreme Sisters stars also dished about their romantic relationships, and yes, Jessica and Josh are still together, but admittedly, things are a bit rocky.

As for Christina, she and John tied the knot and are still basking in newlywed bliss with their adorable son, Mac. Christina also has two kids from her previous marriage, and they’re now one big happy family.

Check out our full interview with Jessica and Christina below.

Extreme Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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Sharri B
Sharri B
7 months ago

I can’t stand Jessica! I’m sorry she had a miscarriage as I would be for anyone. Jessica threw Josh in a horrible position. Christina was pregnant so Jessica decided 3 months into seeing Josh she wants a baby, screw how Josh feels! The look on Josh’s face said it all he was like it’s a little soon! Anytime Jessica wants anything it’s NOW and screw anyone who doesn’t agree with her including her own boyfriend and of course her sister! EVERYTHING HAS TO BE JESSICA’s WAY! Jessica doesn’t care if Josh was ready for a baby no it’s about what she wants! Just like Jessica doesn’t care about Christina’s Marriage, she didn’t care about her own marriage. When Christina asks for space so her marriage could thrive it’s a problem. Jessica is a spoiled, horrible person who doesn’t give a crap about anyone but herself! She needs to stay in therapy she needs a lot of help. Jessica you need to learn to be kind to strangers out in public — no one cares how you think you’re important and no one was put on this earth to wait on you hand and foot!

Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark
4 months ago
Reply to  Sharri B

That was AWFUL!!! JOSH looked awful happy when he read the bellies…he even explained that when they talked about it he wasn’t sure, but then he said “THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE,” when it was revealed he’d be a father.