Exclusive: Adrienne Gang launches Below Deck podcast with a unique twist

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang to do podcast about Bravo show.
Adrienne has a new Below Deck podcast that focuses on fan opinions and discussions. Pic credit: DarrenRydstrom/photographer

Adrienne Gang is launching a new Below Deck podcast that focuses on recapping the show and talking to superfans.

As fans know, Adrienne is no stranger to the Below Deck family. Adriene was the chief stew on Season 1 of Below Deck, helping launch the hit Bravo franchise.

Although Adrienne hasn’t been on the yachting show in years, she remains an avid supporter of Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Her love of the show prompted Adrienne to launch a new podcast focused on the franchise, but with a spin fans have never really seen before.

Adrienne Gang launches new Below Deck podcast

In an exclusive interview with Monsters & Critics, Adrienne opened up about her new venture, the Gangplank Report podcast. Adrienne is joined by her friend, podcast host, and Bravo fanatic Jen Bennington.

“The cool thing about the podcast is that it will be me with industry and filming knowledge and then Jen who has a brain like a f**king elephant. She remembers everything about every episode,” Adrienne shared with Monsters & Critics.

The idea for Gangplank Report came about very organically. Adrienne and Jen talk every Tuesday about the previous night’s episode, of whichever Below Deck installment is airing at the time. They decided to turn their weekly chats into a podcast with an exciting twist for fans.

Adrienne’s podcast launches on Wednesday, June 30, kicking off with the premiere of Below Deck Med Season 6. New episodes of Gangplank Report will drop every Wednesday focused on the latest episode in the yachting franchise.

Plus, Jen and Adrienne will drop bonus episodes on Fridays that feature 10-to-15-minute interviews with super fans of the Below Deck franchise.

“We’re not going to focus so much on cast because there’s a lot of people that do cast interviews. And it all ends up being the same rhetoric anyway. It’s the same spiel because it’s the Bravo mill,” Adrienne explained. “So, the interviews we are going to be doing are with people that are avid watchers of the show. Nobody is doing interviewing super fans of the show and people that actually watch the show, so I think that will be interesting.”

One superfan scheduled to appear chat with Jen and Adrienne is David Yontef, host of Behind The Velvet Rope podcast. He’s usually the person asking questions but now gets the chance to answer them.

What makes Adrienne’s Below Deck podcast unique?

Aside from the fan aspect, Adrienne and Jen are putting a new twist on the recap podcast for a couple of other reasons.

“A couple of other things that are going to be different about the podcast. Ours is going to be very concise,” Adrienne expressed. “Instead of going through every single little thing that happens on the episode, like a lot of other podcasts do. What we want to do is focus on the three or four things that are the most interesting parts of the episode and expand upon those three or four things. So, our podcast is going to be about 20 minutes top. It’s an easy listen.”

The Below Deck alum shared fans don’t need to relive the episode because they watched it. Instead, fans need to get “tidbits of information” that might have been missed or a sense of validation for their own feelings about the episode.

Another unique aspect of the Gangplank Report is Adrienne and Jen will focus on show-related content only. They also will not be feeding into the negative frenzy that can sometimes surround a reality TV show or cast member.

“I find other podcasts like to kick people when they are down and harp on people’s insecurities or mistakes,” Adrienne stated. “We plan to judge them for their words and actions as it pertains to the show. Kind of focus more on what’s happening on the show.

Yes, the hosts will point out the silly stuff that crew members or guests do. However, it will be done in a way that doesn’t shame a person or make someone feel embarrassed.

“I think that’s what will set us apart. Staying away from negativity,” Adrienne said.

Creating a positive podcast was important to Adrienne. She didn’t enjoy being treated negatively during her Below Deck season and doesn’t intend to do it to others.

The world could certainly use more positivity, that’s for sure.

Adrienne Gang is launching a new Below Deck podcast, Gangplank Report. Be sure to check it out starting Wednesday, June 30.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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