Everything Legendary on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these plant-based burgers special and where to buy them

Jumoke Jackson, Danita Claytor, Duane 'Myko' Cheers plug their company Everything Legendary on Shark Tank
Jumoke Jackson, Danita Claytor, and Duane Cheers are founders of Everything Legendary. Pic credit:ABC

The upcoming episode of Shark Tank has some exciting products in store for viewers.

One of the companies trying to impress the sharks and acquire some well-needed funds is Everything Legendary.

This plant-based burger business will make its debut on the show this week led by a trio of entrepreneurs based in Maryland.

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Will they be able to convince the business-savvy millionaires to invest in their company?

The brains behind Everything Legendary

Jumoke Jackson, Danita Claytor, and Duane ‘Myoko’ Cheers are the brains behind the company.

They wanted to put a vegan spin on a food that is already loved by millions around the world, the classic burger.

However, unlike many other vegan burgers, the creators of Everything Legendary wanted to create plant-based foods that focused on flavor.

And given their unique skills and specializations, they were the right team to do just that.

Duane Cheers is the idea-man of the group and his entrepreneurial knowledge allowed him to turn this concept into reality.

Danita Claytor is the strategizer in the bunch and her long-life passion for healthy eating took priority in her life after her own mom fell ill.

As for chef Jumoke Jackson, he is known as the flavor specialist and has worked with some of the most renowned names in the industry.

And along with their equally talented team, the trio is on track to put Everything Legendary on the map.

What makes Everything Legendary special?

After sampling the limited plant-based options already on the market, the trio found the foods bland and packed with fillers and soy.

To address this issue, this Black-owned company wanted to offer plant-based items with legendary flavor, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

But the burgers are not just flavorful, they are also soy-free and gluten-free.

Furthermore, the burgers are made with the highest quality products and contain proteins to include Vitamin D, calcium, protein and potassium.

Where can you buy Everything Legendary burgers?

Those interested in taking a bite out of these flavor-packed burgers can find them in Whole Foods, Giant, Acme, and Safeway.

The product is also available on the company website,

You can take advantage of the current sale running on the company website.

An 8-pack of Everything Legendary burger currently costs $63.71 and a 16-pack cost $101.96 plus free shipping.

The company also has another product coming soon, a “lightly seasoned ground” option, which is also soy and gluten-free.

You can check out Everything Legendary on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank as they make their pitch and try to take their business to legendary heights.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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