Evelyn Lozada quitting Basketball Wives? Fans think she’s trying to avoid OG

Fans think Evelyn Lozada is quitting Basketball Wives o avoid OG
Fans think Evelyn Lozada is quitting Basketball Wives to avoid further conflict with OG. Pic credit: VH1

Season 8 of Basketball Wives on VH1 was one for the books, and as we eagerly await season 9, we’re learning about the possible departure of Evelyn Lozada and whether it has to do with OG Chijindu or not.

Fans are speculating that long-standing cast member Evelyn Lozada might not return

While answering fan questions about the show, Evelyn was asked, “Are you returning to BBW?”

She replied, “Most likely no” followed by a smirking emoji.

Evelyn responds to a fan about her return to BBW.
Evelyn responds to a fan about her return to BBW. Pic Credit: @queen_music08/Instagram

This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Evelyn is coming off a very rough season, and a stormy reunion filled with racism accusations from fans stemming from her fights with cast members– including her co-star Ogom Chijindu known on the show as OG.

Evelyn, a seasoned veteran on BBW is known for her relentless fights, both physical and verbal, over the years. But she may have just met her match in new cast member OG, who joined the show in season 7.

Their dislike for each other was always evident, but OG seems to have crossed a line when she told Evelyn, during one of their arguments, that her ex-husband, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, tried to slide into her DM’s–and she had the receipts to prove it!

This pushed Evelyn over the edge and the two have continued to hurl nasty remarks at each other, on the show and on social media, with fans and even cast members taking sides.

The final episode aired with them still at odds.

When OG showed up for the reunion she was then told that due to her aggressiveness the other cast members felt threatened, and she would not be allowed in the same space as the other women.

OG had to film her segment sequestered in another room.

Fans noticed the double standard –since other cast members are known for fighting, physical altercations, throwing chairs, etc. This includes Evelyn, who is best friends with show producer, Shaunie O’Neal and has never been banned from the main reunion stage.

Fans took to Twitter to air their disdain, with one noting, “Evelyn has been jumping tables and threatening ppl since S1.”

One Basketball Wives fan shares how tired she is of OG getting picked on
Evelyn Lozada responds to fan about her return to BBW Pic Credit:@Katie_99418/Twitter

While another sent a tweet to Shaunie O’neil asking, “How is OG aggressive but Evelyn isnt?”

Fans air their disdain for OG’s treatment on BBW reunion. Pic credit: @Taneesha_Diva/Twitter

When OG got her chance to speak at the reunion she accused Evelyn of racism

According to OG, her dark skin was the reason for her unfair treatment by Evelyn and the other cast members.

OG later went on social media urging fans to boycott Evelyn for her racist comments, after she called Asian-American castmate Cece Gutierrez “Leelee” during a heated argument.

Evelyn has since apologized to Cece and to viewers for her ignorant comment.

However, she later sued OG for defamation of character, claiming she lost endorsement deals due to the racism allegations.

OG and Evelyn’s fight is still ongoing with rumors swirling that even Shaunie O’Neal may lose her title as producer due to her siding with her friend throughout the fight between the two women.

For now, there is no official statement from Lozada about her place on the show.

However, sources tell TMZ  that VH1 has approached her about returning and she is currently weighing her options.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Season 9 kicks off.

VH1 has not yet announced their 2020 release date for the new season.

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