Erin and Corey from Temptation Island are back together

Erin and Corey from Temptation Island.
Erin went on Instagram to answer fan questions and let fans know that her and Corey are back together. Pic credit: USA Network

Erin answered fan questions through her Instagram story and let followers know the answer to the question everyone’s been asking — whether she and Corey are back together.

She confirmed that they are.

Erin discussed the way she and Corey have been perceived on the show and expressed how she has been dealing with the negativity around her edit.

She talked about how important her relationship with the other girls from the island is, and how they have helped her come to decisions about Corey all the way along.

She brought up the issues her and Corey face and explained that maintaining their relationship will be challenging.

Why did Corey and Erin get back together?

Corey posted a picture of the two of them together right after The Reunion episode aired where Erin broke up with Corey, which confused viewers. In Erin’s IG story she made it clear that she did not ask Corey or prompt him to post that IG pic and heartfelt caption. She also said, for clarity, that it has been a few months since The Reunion was filmed.

She said that being on the island made them realize that they had a lot more issues than they thought, but they both decided that their relationship is worth working through those things.

Erin divulged that she and Corey have never had the chance to have their relationship out in the open. Before going on the island they worked together and had to keep their relationship a secret, and then on the island, they couldn’t truly be together either. So she thinks that now they don’t work together and have nothing to hide, they will be able to enjoy each other more and communicate better.

Erin from Temptation Island.
Erin spoke about her relationship with Corey during her IG story. Pic credit: @corey_sobczkk/Instagram

The reason for the break up on the reunion was because she kept hearing different stories from Corey and Shaquille about whether Corey and Amanda hooked up or not, saying that Corey told her six different stories.

She freaked out because she was feeling overwhelmed by the misinformation and only truly got to the bottom of it after the reunion when she and Amanda talked and she found out that they did not hook up but did sleep in the same bed.

Erin talked about how she was portrayed on Temptation Island

Erin has a lot of haters who think that her domineering and judgemental personality is why she and Corey keep having issues. Erin wants viewers and her haters to know that she is not the bully she has been painted to be and that she is very much anti-bullying.

She thinks that she is misunderstood because all the blame was put on her for her relationship with Corey being rocky, and viewers didn’t care about her growth once they made bad assumptions about her.

Erin said she does not regret going on the island but wishes that she was more open to the experience and took more time to build relationships with the singles.

She made no mention of her relationship with Shaquille, who was obsessed with her on the island and caused drama at the reunion.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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