Erika Jayne sheds tears over upcoming Vegas residency, throws shade at the haters

RHOBH stat Erika Jayne March 2012 - Hollywood, California
Erika Jayne gears up for her Las Vegas residency. Pic credit: © Brooks/AdMedia

Erika Jayne is having an emotional moment as her Las Vegas residency, Bet It All on Blonde, draws near.

After a difficult couple of years for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, things are turning around, and she couldn’t be happier.

Erika recently reflected on how far she’s come since being wrapped up in a slew of lawsuits — due to her affiliation with her estranged husband, embattled attorney Tom Girardi.

After allegedly stealing millions from clients to fund his and Erika’s lavish lifestyle, the house of cards started to crumble, and Tom’s deception was exposed.

In the court of public opinion, the Pretty Mess singer was just as guilty as Tom despite affirming her innocence.

Erika was left with nothing when she filed for divorce from Tom and had to drastically change her lifestyle.

However, she’s climbing her way back to the top, and she has a message for the haters.

Erika Jayne sheds tears over Las Vegas residency

It’s all coming together for the RHOBH star, and when she recently saw the stage being built for her show, Erika was in tears.

During a chat with Entertainment Tonight, Erika admitted, “When I walked in here [yesterday] and I saw this, I started to cry, even though it’s bare.”

“I started to cry because it was real,” she explained. “You know, you can rehearse in a dance studio for so long, with tape on the floor, but then I saw it built out and I thought, oh my god. It’s actually happening.”

The Bravo Housewife also admitted that at one point, reality hit, and she questioned, “Uh, what have you gotten yourself into, ma’am?”

However, it’s all good now, and Erika is ready to live out her “dream come true” and put on a fantastic show.

Meanwhile, Erika also had a message for the haters who insinuated that she easily snagged the gig because of an alleged sugar daddy.

“What’s wrong with you?” quipped the 52-year-old. “You go get one. If it’s so easy, then you go get one. How about that? If it’s so easy, everybody go get a residency then.” 

Erika Jayne teases the upcoming season of RHOBH

It really wouldn’t be a proper interview if they didn’t dish about Beverly Hills, which has already wrapped filming for Season 13.

As for what her storyline will entail after a brutal Season 12, Erika noted that this time around she’s “happy.”

“I don’t really know anything outside of what I shot, and what I was there for,” explained Erika. “I can’t really say other than, I had a really nice time and I was really prepared for this… You’ll see the residency come to fruition actually, like, signing it away on the show.” 

Erika’s Bet It All on Blonde residency kicks off on August 25 at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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