Erika Jayne fangirled by Naomi Campbell: Supermodel calls RHOBH star ‘hot’ for stunning Instagram pic

Erika Jayne earns praise for Instagram pic from Naomi Campbell.
Erika Jayne earns praise for Instagram pic from Naomi Campbell. Pic credit: Nelson

Erika Jayne, known as the Pretty Mess on Instagram and the star with the most sass on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), has a new fan.

And it’s not just another TV viewer or even a fan of Erika’s show. Instead, supermodel Naomi Campbell took time from her busy schedule to fangirl over Erika, calling the RHOBH star “hot” for a particularly stunning Instagram pic.

Erika Jayne is a ‘hot’ Pretty Mess on Instagram, according to Naomi Campbell

Jayne has become known among Real Housewives Instagram followers for the variety that she offers on the social media platform.

Whether Erika is sharing a photo of herself showing off her “razzle-dazzle” as Roxie in the musical Chicago or posing on her bed in a bodice with her heels kicked up, there’s something contagiously energizing about the RHOBH star.

Jayne also shows her sense of humor on Instagram. For example, she re-posted a video from the last reunion with the caption, “What’s got @theprettymess shook? Find out on Part 3 of the #RHOBH Reunion TONIGHT!

Erika often gets compliments from fans as well as from her fellow Real Housewives stars. Recently, for example, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Eileen Davidson praised Jayne for one of her Instagram photos.

But the following Instagram earned Erika someone special when it comes to her fangirl squad as supermodel Naomi Campbell put the emojis for “hot” and “on fire” on Jayne’s pic.

Did Campbell’s experience with another reality TV star encourage her to check out Erika Jayne?

So the big mystery question is: How did Naomi Campbell end up on Erika Jayne’s Instagram page?

Campbell has appeared on the Bravo network before, home of the Real Housewives series, on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen, the host of the talk show, has discussed Real Housewives with her.

But Naomi also just recently had a positive experience with a very unexpected reality TV star that may have encouraged her to check out various reality TV stars.

In the past, Kim Kardashian has faced slams for copying Naomi, as pointed out by Yahoo.

Campbell even once threw shade at Kardashian when Kim copied one of her iconic looks.

However, as part of CR Fashion Book’s new Power Issue, Campbell joined Kardashian as well as Cher in identical hairstyles and black leather, seeking to go for a “fearless fantasy biker gang.”

We’re wondering if Naomi enjoyed the experience so much with Kim that now she’s checking out other potential reality TV stars with whom to star in fashion spreads.

Will Campbell choose the self-proclaimed Pretty Mess, Erika Jayne, for her next fashion pictorial? We’re hoping the answer is yes.

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