Emily responds as MAFS fans applaud reunion host Kevin Frazier for calling her out

MAFS star Emily Balch episode screenshot
Emily Balch speaks out ahead of the MAFS reunion. Pic credit: Lifetime

A sneak peek of the Married at First Sight reunion finale has fans buzzing as it features a tense moment between host Kevin Frazier and cast member Emily Balch.

The post has already racked up thousands of comments with an overwhelming amount of people siding with Kevin for calling her out.

We spotted Season 1 alum Jamie Otis in the mix, and we also applauded the host after he chastised Emily and her Season 17 castmates for their deception.

However, after the clip was posted online Emily took to social media to respond, and she’s not backing down.

The headstrong 29-year-old made it very clear that she was sticking up for herself and had no regrets about that.

We’ll find out what led to that awkward moment plus see why Emily tearfully walked off the stage in Part 2 of the reunion.

Meanwhile, the entire Denver cast has a lot more explaining to do amid viewer outrage at their deception. We’re also waiting for the experts to chime in after learning that they were duped by the cast.

Emily Balch claps back reunion teaser shows a tense moment with Kevin Frazier

After a teaser for Part 2 of the reunion was posted on Instagram, people had a lot to say about the confrontation between Emily and Kevin.

However, the MAFS Season 17 star issued a response to the critics on her Instagram Story.

She reposted the clip writing, “If sticking up for myself against false allegations is a crime THEN TAKE ME TO JAIL BABY.”

Emily Balch Instagram Story.
Emily Balch responds to critics. Pic credit: @balch_so_hard/Instagram

MAFS alums and viewers are Team Kevin

You’ll be hard-pressed to find even one comment on the post in defense of Emily as MAFS makes it clear they are Team Kevin in this situation.

“Good👏for👏 @kevinfrazier 👏 ” wrote MAFS star Jamie Otis. “This season & what took place is not what married at first sight is about at all… I’m ready for a next season. Thank you, next!”

“Kevin is the best!! He takes no nonsense!! I’m so disappointed in this cast!” said someone else.

Someone exclaimed, “KEVIN FRASIER for the win. Emily sure does play the victim so impeccably. I’m by no means a Brennon fan but she wears that victim badge like a badge of honor. It’s cringe.”

One commenter added, “Omg FINALLY! somebody calling her out on her stuff! I’m so over these women this season. They’re the ones trying to control optics!”

MAFS viewers comment on social media
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Are you Team Emily or Team Kevin? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Zeri Esinheit
Zeri Esinheit
1 month ago

Emily is a nut job

1 month ago

The women in this show were an embarrassment to women (except for Chloe who had a lot of class). The rest of them are angry, nasty, rude, and their dresses are ridiculous! Small wonder they can’t find a man.

Pat Taibe
Pat Taibe
1 month ago

Definitely team Kevin!
Emily is very childish, it’s a wonder why she never had a relationship. Her childish faces are ridiculous. She needs counseling.

barbara williams
barbara williams
1 month ago

Team Kevin. Emily was also rude to Keisha Knight Pulliam on the after party. It’s time for her to go up and stop pretending to be the victim.

1 month ago

Kevin all the way. Emily is sickening
First time I ever watched the show hope next season will be better. Truly loved Chloe