Tensions arise between Emily Balch and host Kevin Frazier in MAFS reunion spoiler

MAFS reunion Kevin Frazier and Emily Balch
Things get heated between Emily Balch and Kevin Frazier. Pic credit: Lifetime

The last of the two-part Married at First Sight reunion is fast approaching, and we’ll finally get more details about the plot carried out by the Season 17 cast.

The men were blamed for orchestrating the plan, with Cameron Frazier being the alleged mastermind behind it.

The women have placed all the blame on their husbands, claiming they were following their lead.

MAFS fans are not buying that story, nor is reunion host Kevin Frazier, who called them all out for deceiving everyone.

A teaser for Part 2 of the reunion shows a heated moment between Kevin and Emily Balch as he reprimands her and the cast for their behavior.

We don’t have the full context of how the conversation started, but it seems Emily was trying to shift all the blame to the men once again, and Kevin wasn’t having it.

Check out this tense moment Emily Balch and MAFS host Kevin Frazier

A sneak peek of the MAFS reunion shows Kevin and Emily in a tense confrontation while the other castmates look on in silence.

The clip picks up amid the interaction as Kevin exclaims, “Emily, hold on, stop, stop for a second.”

“You yelling at me doesn’t change anything,” says Kevin. “I’m not gonna get rattled because you’re yelling at me. I’m gonna talk to you and tell you the truth!”

Emily tries to chime in, but Kevin has more to say about the blonde beauty and the entire Denver cast.

Kevin accuses Emily and her Season 17 castmates of ‘disrespecting the show’

As the tense interaction played out, the other cast members stayed silent — although we noticed Emily’s estranged husband, Brennan Shoykhet, smirking as she was being called out.

“You disrespected this show. You understand that, right?” asked Kevin.

“Oh, no, no, no,” retorts Emily, shaking her head.

“You did, you disrespected the show…you disrespected the people watching, you disrespected people who work for this show,” Kevin continues.

However, that comment wasn’t just aimed at Emily, “The truth is everybody was a part of the deception; everybody was a part of it!”

“I also believe that everybody went along with his scripting thing, and that hurt the process too, Kevin continued, “and it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t have paused and said ‘woah, this is crazy and wrong.'”

Do you think Kevin was right to call out the Denver cast? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 month ago

Yes Kevin was right. The whole cast needs to be held accountable and sued for reimbursement of funds spent.

1 month ago

Absolutely! The entire cast was disrespectful to the production crew, the experts, and the viewers. I don’t understand the deceit at all. They all wanted to look good on camera but by doing what they did, making a mockery of the show and the weddings, the marriage was they have shown their ugly side to all. I hope their friends, families, co workers, employers, watched this season to see how conniving and manipulative these people really are. Shameful!

barbara rooke
barbara rooke
1 month ago

Yea Kevin!!!! Thank you for watching out for the integrity of the show. I felt deceived and mad about the way this season went down. Some other past couples have had difficulties but never the entire cast consciously plotting to deceive the audience . It affected my view of the season and the entire casting process. :(.