MAFS reunion spoilers: Lauren and Cameron in heated face-off; Emily tearfully walks off stage

Emily Balch and Cameron Frazer
Emily Balch and Cameron Frazer take center stage at the reunion. Pic credit: Lifetime

We’re patiently waiting for Part 2 of the Married at First Sight reunion, and if you thought Part 1 was dramatic, there’s a lot more to come.

Get ready to witness heated moments among the cast as they attempt to sort out the mess they’ve made of the season, with a surprise showdown between Lauren Good and Cameron Frazer.

Emily Balch also has a tearful moment at the reunion, at one point, leaving the stage after a confrontation with her husband, Brennan Shoykhet. Plus, it’s time for the experts to chime in on all the surprising revelations.

Things have gotten tense among the group, and the seating arrangement clearly indicates that it’s the men against the women.

The fallout happened when both sides started to play the blame game amid their plot to deceive show producers.

Their plan went awry at some point during the eight-week experiment, and the husbands and wives have now turned against each other, with viewers also choosing sides.

Things get heated during Part 2 of the MAFS reunion

Kinetic Content posted a clip on Instagram and teased Part 2 of the reunion, writing, “The accusations, the tears & the drama continues this Wednesday during the @mafslifetime season 17 reunion part two. don’t miss it.”

The sneak peek shows a faceoff between exes Emily and Brennan.

“It’s just constant, toxic negativity at all times,” says Brennan.

“That you create,” Emily retorts.

The couple also discuss claims that Brennan was out on dates during this marriage.

“I never f**ked anyone! I never said I wanted to f**k anyone,” says the 28-year-old.

At one point, the clip shows Emily tearfully walking off stage, exclaiming, “I’m not dealing with this. This is f**ked up, I’m done!”

We then see her sitting backstage, still in tears, as she exclaims, “I’m just disgusted with everything today.”

Lauren Good has a tense faceoff with Cameron Frazer

There’s also a showdown between alleged master manipulator Cameron Frazer and Lauren Good.

“Stop playing with the Cameron ’cause you don’t scare me,” says Lauren. “Keep poking the bear, and I’ll bite the f**k back.”

Lauren also had a tense interaction with her estranged husband, Orion Martzloff, in the teaser as reunion host Kevin Frazer asks if she’s interested in a friendship with her ex.

“Hell no,” responds Lauren, as Orion clarifies that he’s on the same page.

“The horse is dead, so it’s time to stop beating it,” he says.

The MAFS experts also join the conversation in Part 2 to share their views on the plot by the Denver cast.

“I’m completely conflicted,” says Pastor Cal.

“I was shocked, truly shocked,” exclaims Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Janice K. Love
Janice K. Love
2 months ago

LAUREN IS nan angry bully…michael can have her…it won’t last