Elena Davies from Big Brother 19 gets mysterious punishment from Instagram

Elena Davies On BB19
Elena Davies appeared on Big Brother as a member of the BB19 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 19 houseguest Elena Davies shared a message of concern with her social media followers today.

Referencing what she called “the new fake Instagram rules,” Elena expressed worry about what Instagram had done with her account.

She even shared the location of her backup account in case something happened due to the new post that she was sharing.

At stake is her ability to use the Instagram platform to make a living doing her job.

Elena Davies posts about changes to her Instagram page

“If you missed it, Instagram has taken away my paid partnership tools and I will soon lose the link sticker for my stories (ya know.. the two main things I need to do my job.. or as some of you call it, my ‘fake job’),” Elena posted to her Instagram page today.

In the comments and within the long caption she wrote up with new photos, she seemed to be at a complete loss for what was going on with her account.

“I’m praying that this is a big oopsie on Instagram’s part, but I also have anxiety, so.. ??‍♀️ I’m terrified,” Elena elaborated.

Elena Davies was a member of the Big Brother 19 cast (the season that Josh Martinez won). The BB19 cast played the game during Summer 2017, where Elena finished in 10th place.

That’s also the season where Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf met for the first time. Cody and Jessica just celebrated their third wedding anniversary at Disney World this past week.

The BB19 cast also featured Christmas Abbott playing the game for the first time. Christmas and Memphis Garrett are planning their wedding to take place in 2022 after getting engaged recently.

Social media influencers depend on social media platforms

Much like Christmas and Jessica, Elena Davies is a social media influencer. She uses sites like Instagram to help advertise products and herself, making money through partnerships as she helps to influence the minds and decisions of other social media users.

In fact, quite a few former Big Brother houseguests started out as social media influencers or became one once they left the Big Brother house. But making a living doing it is also dependent on a behind-the-scenes partnership with those social media sites. This is why Elena is worried about changes to her Instagram account, as it could harm her ability to make a living.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS in Winter 2022.

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