Eboni K. Williams says the recently filmed Hamptons cast trip was like last year’s trip ‘times at least 100’

Eboni K. Williams says she's still recovering from the RHONY cast trip to the Hamptons
Eboni K. Williams talks RHONY cast trip. Pic credit;@Buildseries/YouTube

Eboni K.Williams has made it through her very first cast trip for the Real Housewives of New York City.

And it may be even more epic than Leah McSweeney’s Season 12 cast trip to the Hamptons last year.

Remember the tiki torch fiasco, and the naked moments in the pool with Leah, Sonja Morgan, and Tinsley Mortimer?

Well, Eboni says the recent cast trip to the Hamptons tops what we saw on the show last season.

That’s pretty hard to imagine, but it sure adds to the anticipation for Season 13.

Eboni talks cast trip

Eboni recently sat down for a chat with Page Six and divulged that she was in recovery mode from the RHONY cast trip.

Images were posted by the cast on Instagram when they filmed at Ramona’s Hamptons home sometime last week.

After Leah McSweeney destroyed her tiki torches, one would think Ramona wouldn’t be too keen on having the women back.

But, thankfully, the turtle time aficionado has opened up her stunning house to the women again, and Eboni K. says the trip was like “last year’s Hamptons trip times, at least 100.”

The latest addition to the New York Housewives admits that she’s gotten acquainted with her castmates, and the headstrong TV host and producer seems more than ready to get into the mix.

“I feel like I know everybody a lot better,” says Eboni. “And I think they know me a lot better. So here we go!”

Eboni says diversity is good for the bottom line

During the interview, Eboni dished about being the first black cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City.

She calls it a “gracious responsibility,” but says the diversity on the show is good for the bottom line.

“The argument that I really stick to is it’s good for business,” explained Williams to the media outlet. “It is good for business to make the pie bigger. It is good for everybody’s bottom line to have an offering of content.”

“An offering of whatever it is, if it’s law, if it’s academia, if it’s finance and real estate, in this case, television, where more people get to see themselves and their experience is represented in a fuller way because it’s not displacing white people. It’s not like they kicked off all the white Housewives to bring me on,” she continued.

As for having to live out her life in front of the Bravo cameras, the newbie Housewife admits that it was an adjustment.

However, before ending the interview, Eboni divulged that Season 13, “Is gonna be unlike anything RHONY fans have ever seen.”

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus at Bravo.

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