DynoSafe on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this lockbox special and where to buy it

Shark Tank contestant Rebecca Romanucci pitches her product DynoSafe on latest episode of the ABC show
DynoSafe makes their pitch on latest episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit:ABC

There’s a new crop of hopefuls vying for the attention of the sharks on the latest episode of Shark Tank.

One company that will make their pitch in an effort to get some well-needed cash for their business is DynoSafe.

If you’ve never heard the name before, it’s time to get acquainted because this company has found a way to offer safe, climate-controlled, and contactless delivery for all your online shopping needs.

The idea behind DynoSafe

DynoSafe founder and CEO Rebecca Romanucci is a registered nurse who started out her career in several acute healthcare settings. These days she is nationally recognized as an expert medical business entrepreneur.

Rebecca is also an advocate for veterans and their families, and this interest sparked an idea for DynoSafe.

This Shark Tank contestant wanted to invent a product that would make life easier for persons suffering from PTSD or other disabilities who found it difficult to go to the pharmacy or grocery store.

So Rebecca and her team got to work and created a smart, home-enabled delivery solution known as DynoSafe.

What makes DynoSafe special?

DynoSafe offers a level of independence for PTSD sufferers and those with disabilities, but it is also a very convenient tool for anyone who utilizes home delivery options.

It takes away the hassle of having to stay home and wait for an order to arrive, or even having to worry about theft or tampering of your package.

Furthermore, this temperature-controlled container protects your packages against inclement weather and can be integrated with all major delivery fulfillment companies.

The DynoSafe container comes with an accompanying app that works will all smart devices to include Alexa, drones, delivery robots, electronic AI vehicles, smartphones, etc.

Just proceed to shop as you normally would and then schedule your home delivery. Use the DynoSafe app to fill in the necessary information such as courier name and required temperature setting. The app will generate a one-time-use code and the delivery person will use this access code to unlock the safe and place your delivery inside the box.

Once the box is closed, DynoSafe automatically locks and your package remains safe inside until you are ready. And in case of power or internet outages, the item incorporates a battery backup keypad.

This lockbox provides safe and contactless delivery and the container has a built-in alarm that gives an alert via your smart device if anyone tries to tamper with it.

This innovative invention can be used for a variety of items to include electronics, clothing, and even food and prescriptions since it allows you to remotely adjust the temperature inside the container.

Where can you purchase Dynosafe?

If you want to get your hands on your very own DynoSafe you’ll need to join the waitlist on the company website.

You will be required to fill out a short survey on

Until then, you can check out DynoSafe on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank and see if they can make an impression on the sharks and quickly roll out this innovative invention.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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