DWTS fans react as Julianne Hough makes ‘fresh start’ change to her appearance

julianne hough face shot from Brian Bowen Smith's Drivebys Book Launch And Gallery Viewing Presented By Casa Del Sol Tequila los angeles in 2021
Julianne Hough decided to make a major change as her new year begins. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Julianne Hough decided to make a significant change for the new year, as she changed up her look.

The Dancing With the Stars co-host recently revealed how she altered her appearance in 2024 for a “fresh start.”

Hough uploaded a video clip of herself performing a self-trim as she chopped off some of her locks for a new hairstyle.

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As the video begins, Hough is seated in a chair. Someone off-camera handed her some shears, and she started to cut her hair at an angle to make it shorter.

“Oh, that’s so fun. Like this length. 2024 y’all. This is the new way, guys; you just cut your own hair,” Hough said.

“And that, my dears, is a seven-minute haircut,” she said as she revealed her revised hairstyle, adding, “It’s so cute!”

Hough reflects on the ‘seasons of life’ with her ‘fresh start’ change

Hough also shared a reflective message about how the weather got her thinking about “the seasons of life” and “decisions we make” as we progress on our journeys.

“Hair is such an outward expression of what those decisions are…of the internal journeys that we go through. The idea of the rain pouring, which could’ve been a melancholy day, but the sun was shining so bright that it almost felt like a cleansing. (I know, I know, but seriously!),” Hough captioned her video post.

She also mentioned a rainbow that appeared, indicating it’s a “sign of prosperity and all the life that is to come.”

“It just felt like it was the right time to cut off some of the old energy and start fresh,” Hough shared.

Fans react to Hough’s change to her hair

With the DWTS star changing her hair, many fans and critics reacted to her new look. As of this writing, there were over 47,000 likes and 400-plus comments on the IG post.

“Why are you doing it yourself?” one individual asked.

“Now everyone is going to think they can cut their own hair and look like you,” another commented, with a crying laughing emoji.

“no no don’t cut your gorgeous hair,” a commenter said, seeming against Hough’s haircut.

Yet another asked the cost for Hough’s “self-checkout haircut.”

screenshot of comments from fans about julianne hough self hair cut on instagram
Pic credit: @juleshough/Instagram

Many fans also seemed to favor Hough’s decision to change things up and applauded her for the bold move to cut her hair.

Hough said ‘big things’ are on the way

Hough’s remarks indicate she is looking toward a “fresh start” in 2024. Another Instagram post she shared last week showed her in a stylish black and white pinstripe outfit posing at a fancy hotel’s “Lover Suites Lobby.”

“Business mode⚡️Big things are coming in 2024… stay tuned,” she teased in her caption.

The DWTS judge faced criticism during the recent season of the popular dance competition for several fashion decisions, including her outfit for the DWTS finale.

However, many fans welcomed her as one of the show’s judges and seemed to enjoy the former dance professional in that role on the show.

Hough is expected to return for the show in 2024 alongside host Alfonso Ribeiro.

Dancing With the Stars Season 33 premiere is TBA for ABC and Disney+.

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