DWTS’ Cheryl Burke leaving social media for her own mental health

Cheryl Burke of DWTS
DWTS star Cheryl Burke. Pic credit: Cheryl Burke/YouTube

Cheryl Burke has a new podcast where she is talking about dating and her past relationships.

In the new podcast episode, she said that she is leaving social media – at least for now. This is shocking since she has been wide open with her fans on Instagram, and now she seems to want to pull back, at least on social media.

Cheryl also appeared on Daily Pop on E! News and talked about this decision.

Cheryl Burke explains why she is leaving Instagram

When asked about leaving social media, Cheryl explained it is because she is an “addict.”

“I am an addict, and sometimes, I’m addicted to, in a way, self-sabotage,” she explained. “It is not healthy for me because I will focus on just the one negative comment, and it’ll ruin my day, still. So, until then, I might as well just lay off of it, right?”

While one of the hosts, Loni Love, laughed at the comment, it comes from a dark place for Cheryl.

Cheryl stopped drinking just over a year ago and she said that Season 20 of Dancing with the Stars was the first she had performed while living sober.

Social media is also addictive, and she admitted that it is not something that she feels is positive in her life right now.

For fans who love following Cheryl’s life, they will likely have to subscribe to her podcast for news and information on the DWTS pro from now on.

Cheryl Burke is still on Instagram for now

Interestingly, after her interview where she explained why she is quitting social media, Cheryl Burke took to Instagram to post a photo of her appearance on the show.

cheryl burke IG 1
Pic credit: @cherylburke/Instagram

She also followed that up with a sponsored post and then the information that Dancing with the Stars is up for Best Competition Series at the MTV Music & TV Awards, asking fans to vote.

She then took to her timeline to post some photos of her late dad, writing, “It takes a unique kind of man to give as much of himself as you do. Your love, encouragement, and willingness to go the extra mile has been such a gift to me…and for that I’ll always be forever grateful. Happy Birthday, Dad!”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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