DWTS’ Cheryl Burke takes a break to talk about what she is grateful for

Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars
Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: @cherylburke/Instagram

Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Cheryl Burke has had a tough year.

After appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show in January, talking about her marriage and life, she separated from her husband Matthew Lawrence one day later.

Cheryl then filed for divorce in February.

Cheryl has kept fans updated on her struggles right now, as she has clearly said that she is not used to dealing with problems like this in a constructive way.

She has been sober for only a small portion of her adult life and has fought to keep that sober living battle going through her divorce.

In a new post, Cheryl showed that she is doing this by thinking of the things in life she is grateful for.

Cheryl Burke talks about being grateful

In a new video Cheryl posted to Instagram, she talked about being grateful for the good things in her life.

She did the video while driving, which is typical for Cheryl when she has something deep she wants to talk about.

Cheryl said she has been “celebrating [the] last few days of being 37” by looking at her life. She said she wanted to “call out a few things” she is grateful for.

“Let’s start with gratitude. I am grateful for… wow, there’s a lot of things,” Cheryl said in the video. “First of all, I’m grateful for my transcendental meditation practice that I learned this year that has really helped with regulating my, I guess, reactions, but also being able to connect more with myself.”

“I am definitely grateful for my dog, Isabella. She has been, as crazy as this sounds, she has been my best friend through the ups and downs that happened in my life at 37 this year,” she continued.

“And I am grateful, honestly, to all of you guys for hearing me out and … making my platform a safe space for me to just to grow and evolve as a human being, so thank you for that.”

Cheryl admits that ‘failure’ is not the end

Cheryl also posted a long post where she talked about the “failures” in her life, saying that they are not the end of the road for her.

“I’m learning to trust in the process of life,” Cheryl wrote. “That each experience – rewarding or challenging – is placed in my life for a reason. And every experience is coming with valuable lessons to prepare me for the next thing.

“By learning to accept and respond to the situations that happen around me, I’m able to feel so much more peace in my everyday life.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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