Dustin Kendrick hopes Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan will date, admits timing isn’t right

Dustin Kendrick
Dustin Kendrick has spoken out about Peter and Kelley’s relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Dustin Kendrick is one of The Bachelor star Peter Weber’s best friends.

The Chicago native has been spending time with Peter during quarantine and he’s been hanging out with Kelley Flanagan as well.

Peter and Kelley were previously linked on The Bachelor, but Peter sent her home before the hometown dates.

While the two of them are reconnecting now, Dustin is speaking out about what it’s like being “the third wheel”.

As it turns out, he’s more than eager to see these two friends hook up down the line.

Dustin Kendrick reveals the timing isn’t the best

Despite Dustin believing Peter and Kelley could make a good couple, he says that time for them to go public with a new relationship isn’t now.

“I think Kelley and Peter get along great. I would love to see something come out of this but timing just isn’t the best for them,” Kendrick revealed to US Weekly in an interview this week, where he was asked about their romance.

“After a show like [The Bachelor], it’s easy to bond, be able to talk freely and have someone else on the other end that understands it all,” he told the magazine. “Hopefully after this all blows over, they are able to find that solid connection between the two of them.”

Dustin is able to see Kelley and Peter together outside of The Bachelor franchise and he reveals that they actually have great chemistry. Plus, he feels they are compatible, even though Peter chose to send her home.

“They just get each other and their chemistry is disgusting cute! Coming from the third wheel guy of the year,” he adds.

Dustin Kendrick opens up about the three of them quarantining together

Dustin, Peter and Kelley have been in quarantine together at Kelley’s apartment. He explains that they have become like a little family and they all chip in to make it work.

Kelley doesn’t cook, so he says they support local and order take-out. Peter and Dustin have been cleaning up and doing dishes for them. He didn’t reveal how long they were planning on staying together, but it sounds like they are riding it out as a unit.

Before it was revealed for sure, fans had already guessed that Peter and Kelley were in quarantine together due to Peter’s many Instagram and Tik Tok videos. Eagle-eyed fans spotted that the rug in Peter’s videos matched the rug in one of Kelley’s older Instagram photos.

The two were also spotted together about a week ago on Chicago’s waterfront, and it was noticed that the two of them were not keeping a social distance from one another as Peter picked up Kelley and ran around with her.

Many fans were furious with them at the time — because they hadn’t yet realized that they were in quarantine together.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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