Duggar family catches heat for Hurricane Dorian ‘promotion’ of Medic Corps

Michelle Duggar during a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar love bragging on their missionary kids. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family is being slammed once again. This time, the gripe is about the mission work in the Bahamas. A group of Duggar family members and some of the Bates’ kids left Tuesday to help with the devastation left by Hurricane Dorian.

Jana, John-David, James, and Jason Duggar joined Nathan and Lawson Bates as they headed down to the Bahamas. The official Duggar Instagram account revealed that the flight had left earlier that day and that they already received word they landed. Lawson also shared a video while on the ground moments after the crew arrived.

Followers are slamming the Duggar family for using their fame to promote donations to Medic Corps. The charity isn’t well-known at all and many were skeptical because none of the Duggar family members have medical training. Well, that isn’t quite true. Austin Forsyth is a certified EMT, something that was recently revealed by Joy-Anna Duggar as she asked for prayers for the people of the Bahamas and the team down there helping.

Comments from the Duggar IG page.
Fans aren’t happy about the Duggar’s response to Hurricane Dorian. Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

This isn’t new for the Duggars. They are often slammed for mentioning charity work or sharing what they have done. Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar spent time in Central America doing mission work, something that was heavily documented on Counting On.

There have been other mission trips over the years as well. Often when they do go, multiple members of the Duggar family will travel together.

Not only has Hurricane Dorian been controversial for the Duggar family, but it has also sparked more courting rumors for Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates. Some fans were disappointed because the photo for the mission trip did not include Jana.

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