Drew Sidora calls Kenya Moore a liar, throws shade at her marriage to Marc Daly

Drew Sidora shades Kenya Moore's separation from Marc Daly.
Drew Sidora shades Kenya Moore’s separation from Marc Daly. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora calls Kenya Moore “fake” and a liar following the South Carolina girls’ trip episode that aired last Sunday.

Drew sat down for an interview with Leah A. Henry on her Instagram show. Even though the show is titled Leah’s Lemonade, Drew was spilling tea.

The South Carolina girls’ trip was quickly brought up. Many of the women were upset because they felt Kenya wasn’t being a good host after leaving them to fend for themselves for lunch.

Drew mentioned that Kenya tried to defend herself.

“Did you see how she lied to me and said she was like ‘I’m PMSing’?” Drew asked Leah.

Drew claimed that was a lie, and that it allegedly wasn’t the first lie Kenya had told her.

“[Kenya and LaToya are] just inauthentic people. Very fake and I don’t do fake. Like Imma tell you how I feel and you’re gonna know what you’re getting from me ‘cuz I’m gonna give it to you just straight. It’s how my momma raised me. So, it was just like a lot of lies,” Drew explained. And I was thinking, I’m like, ‘Oh it was PMS?’ I believed it in that moment. But now I’m like, ‘That was a lie!'”

Drew then connected Kenya’s lying to her separation with Marc Daly in the ultimate diss.

“Like, let’s keep track of Kenya’s lies at this point, and then we’ll understand why her husband left her. She’s making it very clear for all of us,” Drew expressed leaving Leah speechless.

Drew shades Kenya on social media

Drew has been known to get shady on social media, and Kenya has not been spared that shade.

Drew’s quarantine wig was a hot topic after LaToya Ali called it a pet and even named it “Drewisha” while hanging out with Kenya.

While Drew’s hair has been the butt of the joke on the show, she threw in her own jab at Kenya on Twitter.

“Someone sent this to me saying it’s Kenya’s hair tho!” Drew tweeted dissing Kenya’s tracks.

Drew proves she’s a shade queen on RHOA

This tea on Kenya isn’t the first time viewers have seen Drew throw expert-level shade.

During Sunday’s episode of RHOA, Drew found the perfect way to shut down LaToya Ali.

She knew LaToya had a plan to get Drew a new wig after LaToya had been shading her wig for weeks.

When LaToya offered to buy Drew a new wig, Drew said she had her own gift for her.

Drew came back with her headshot and a pen. She signed her headshot and claimed LaToya talked about her so much that she must be her “number one fan.” She then gave LaToya her autographed picture.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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