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Drew Sidora blows up on cast member in clip for upcoming episode of RHOA

Drew Sidora blows up at on of her RHOA castmates.
Drew Sidora blows up at on of her RHOA castmates. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora gets in her first RHOA feud in a preview for the upcoming episode.

A Real Housewives of Atlanta fan page on Instagram posted a clip from the preview of Drew’s tough words.

Drew appeared to be fighting with LaToya Ali when she warned, “The last b***h that grabbed me found her head in rammed in a damn gate.”

As the women tried to intervene and stop the fight, Drew stormed off and threatened, “Don’t f*** with me, I’m from Chicago, b***h.”

Did the fight have to do with the private jet drama?

Viewers haven’t seen Drew get heated like that before and many were wondering what set her off.

Some viewers might’ve suspected it had to do with the private jet drama.

Kenya Moore told Drew that she and LaToya were taking a private jet to South Carolina but later texted her pleading her not to tell anyone.

When Kenya brought up that she was going to South Carolina early, Drew played dumb and got Kenya to admit to the rest of the women that she was taking a private jet.

This prompted Kenya to call her “sneaky” during a confessional interview.

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Drew defended her behavior and implied that Kenya was the sneaky one.

“I am new to this group and the type of person I am, where I come from, I hold people’s feet to the fire. Because I’m all about living your truth and being honest,” Drew explains. “I felt like her talking about this private jet to me and yet these are all of your friends. Like why would you tell me this and you’re not gonna tell your friends?”

However, Drew then reveals that she hadn’t known that Kenya called her sneaky or why Kenya had it out for her until she watched back the show.

Although it wasn’t the cause of this particular fight, Drew still doesn’t believe that she can ever see Kenya in a good light after the fact.

Drew may have teased the reason behind the fight

Along with a clip of the fight, @peachreportdaily posted one Drew’s tweets that may explain the reason behind the fight

“When you sign up for a #grilstrip, you should participate from the get-go? We are here to bond not playing mini groups #rhoa,” the tweet reads.

Drew confronts her castmates over a group activity. Pic credit: @peachreportdaily/Instagram

Based on the previews, it appears that the women play an immersive murder mystery game.

However, according to Drew, some of her castmates don’t seem to be exuberating teamwork.

Fans will have to tune in Sunday to see what the fight was really about.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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