Dragnificent! exclusive: Amy’s weight loss story brings tears and cheers for the queens

Amy has lost over 100 pounds but her confidence is nil, the queens all work hard to bring her back to life. Pc credit: TLC

Transformative magic will happen tonight on TLC’s Dragnificent! thanks to the hard work, attention to detail, and listening skills of the show’s four fairy godmothers.

The TLC series is a bit of a weeper as we learn about Amy’s journey, which has been beset by ridicule and condemnation. She did the hard work and lost an enormous amount of weight, but the emotional scars from the days when she was heavier are still with her.

It’s true what they say; words can hurt more than sticks and stones, so do not kid yourself. People hold on to the mean things said to them, and it’s hard to move past it.

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But help is on hand for Amy as our fearless foursome help her recover.

In Dragnificent, the four drag queens each bring their unique skill set to help out.

They each focus on fabulous fashion (JujuBee), music and entertainment (Thorgy Thor), event planning (BeBe), and makeup and body image (Alexis Michelle).

And together, they wield their powers for good as one woman per episode is gifted their friendship and advice, along with some powerful psychological lifting up.

Amy has lost over 100 pounds, but her confidence is nil, the queens all work hard to bring her back to life. Pic credit: TLC

What is this week’s Dragnificent! about?

In our exclusive clip above, meet Amy, a mother who has undergone a huge transformation.

Her daughter Courtney got hold of the Queens for the intervention to help boost her mother’s flagging confidence.

Amy’s story was so compelling that at the Television Critics’ Association winter tour held in Pasadena, where Monsters & Critics participated, the queens dished about this very episode airing tonight while on the panel.

When asked how they chose different types of people to help out, Alexis Michelle said: “Let’s take Amy…we fell in love with Amy, and Amy’s a subject who lost 130 pounds. So it was a weight-loss episode, if you will, making her feel like a butterfly in her new body.”

The foursome had their work cut out for them.

Michelle added: “And when we met her, she was riddled with depression and anxiety. She was very open about this. So it was our job to kind of step out of ourselves, make her really comfortable and feel really special in her own skin because that’s such an important story to tell…you never know who’s gonna listen, who the audience is.”

Michelle continued: “Maybe somebody’s dealing at home with weight loss and is really inspired by her story, and it’s good to just scream that story out loud. Live your story out loud, and it doesn’t hurt that we look fabulous in every episode.”

Jujubee added: “She [Amy] found this beautiful part inside of her and that shined through. And I think that’s really important for us because when you love yourself, ’cause love is the highest vibration that any human being can experience, that is the best thing in the world.”

About Dragnificent!

In Dragnificent!, the four drag queens mentioned above help a woman each episode who is not used to being fussed over or celebrated.

Whether it is their physical appearance or a set back of some sort, the queens bring their own life experiences — bad and good — to an active intervention and makeover session.

We can thank Drag Race for JujuBee (Airline Inthyrath), Alexis Michelle (Alex Michaels), BeBe Zahara Benet (Nea Marshall Kudi Ngwa), and Thorgy Thor (Shane Galligan).

This TV series lightly follows the premise of another reality series, Queer Eye, except Dragnificent! focuses on women.

Dragnificent! airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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