Dr. Pia gets heat from a few MAFS fans as they ask for the return of Dr. Viviana

MAFS experts Dr. Pia Holec and Dr. Viviana Coles
Dr. Pia Holec is being compared to Dr. Viviana Coles. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight fans are not pleased with what’s been happening this season, and now they’re aiming for Dr. Pia Holec.

The Season 17 expert is getting heat from a few viewers on social media after the recent episode played out.

One scene featured a session with the only couple still standing, at least for now, Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis.

While talking to the couple about merging their lives, the expert felt Chloe wasn’t being authentic, and she called her out.

That wasn’t the first time the 39-year-old has been accused of faking it for the cameras, as some viewers are even convinced she’s a paid actress.

However, now that Dr. Pia has pointed out that Chloe has been less than sincere in her responses, she’s getting backlash online.

Dr. Pia is getting backlash from MAFS fans

Dr. Pia likes to tell it like it is, and that’s rubbing some MAFS viewers the wrong way.

After a clip of the latest episode was posted on Instagram, some fans of the show took to the comments to air their disdain.

“I think Pia is clueless! Call out Austin or Brennon! They were inauthentic! I was so annoyed by this,” wrote one commenter.

“Loathe PIA. She SHAMES people with ‘sex.’ Non-Flipping-Stop,” said someone else.

An MAFS viewer said, “Can’t stand Pia. She is judgemental, angry, and lacks empathy. Very unprofessional.”

Someone else requested the return of former expert Dr. Viviana writing, “Bring back VIVIANA! Pia is terrible!”

MAFS fans bash Dr. Pia Holec
Pic credit: @mafsnation/Instagram

Dr. Viviana Coles, a relationship and sex therapist and intimacy expert, joined the popular Lifetime show in Season 8.

However, after seven seasons on MAFS, she exited the series and was replaced by Dr. Pia.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t have chosen a worse time to join the franchise, which has been going downhill for the past few years, with Season 17 arguably being the worst yet.

All the couples except Chloe and Michael have already ended their marriage, and if they opt for divorce on Decision Day, it will be 100 percent failure for Season 17.

Dr. Pia called out Chloe for not being authentic

Meanwhile, the scene with Dr. Pia, which has some people up in arms, involves a sitdown with Chloe and Michael.

There was a tense moment between Chloe and Dr. Pia, who felt her answers regarding her future with Michael were a little too perfect and not authentic.

“Your responses almost seem curated,” said the MAFS expert, who later added, “If that’s just for me, or the cameras or productions okay. So long as that’s not happening between the two of you.”

Check out the tense moment between Dr. Pia and Chloe, then sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Stephanie Borden
Stephanie Borden
29 days ago

I would love to see Dr. Pia fired but guess what? She lives in Chicago and that’s where the next season has been filmed already.