Double Agents star Josh Martinez works out with one of The Challenge legends

josh martinez with the challenge legend rachel robinson at barrys bootcamp
Josh Martinez got in a workout with former Challenge winner Rachel Robinson. Pic credit: @josh_martinez_/Instagram

The Challenge: Double Agents competitor Josh Martinez doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon as he’s putting in lots of work during his offseason.

The former Big Brother star has become known for some dramatic moments on his seasons of MTV’s competition series but continues to get invites to come back despite some fans pleading for that to stop.

Apart from appearing on the show, Josh frequently shares workout images or videos on his Instagram page and recently revealed he was training with a legend from The Challenge.

Josh works out with Rachel from The Challenge

On Josh’s Instagram Story on Friday, he shared a video from his workout at Barry’s Bootcamp in Midtown. Right by his side was The Challenge veteran Rachel Robinson.

“We got Josh in the house,” Rachel yells out before taking down her face mask as a booming beat plays behind them.

“A Challenge legend. Kicked my a**,” Josh says before telling fans to get a workout in today.

“Just had the best workout w. @rachel_fitness,” Josh wrote on his IG Story video.

In a separate selfie, Josh poses with Rachel in the middle of cardio machines at Barry’s Bootcamp in Midtown.

“Got in a sick workout with a Challenge Legend today! Thanks for the good vibes @rachel_fitness,” Josh wrote on his IG Story photo.

Rachel, who lists herself as a Barry’s Miami Master Trainer in her official Instagram bio, also shared the same photo and video to her IG Story. She also currently has her own fitness website and YouTube channel.

It’s great to see Josh linking up with one of the OGs from Challenge history. Fans have mixed opinions of him on the MTV series, but quite possibly, he’s getting some tips on how to play the game better from Rachel.

Josh has also been in his share of blowups and drama on the show, so Rachel may be giving him advice on how to keep himself in check too.

Rachel is a two-time The Challenge winner

Now 37 years old, Rachel Robinson first appeared on Road Rules: Campus Crawl, which also spawned Challenge legends Darrell Taylor and Shane Landrum.

She made her Challenge debut with Battle of the Sexes in late 2002 but failed to make the final due to getting voted off by female rivals. However, she won in her follow-up season, The Gauntlet. 

She reached the final again on The Inferno II season, but her Bad Asses team lost to the Good Guys, which included Darrell and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, among others.

Rachel won again a few seasons later on The Duel II and last appeared on Battle of the Exes in 2012. According to her Challenge wiki page, she accumulated $135,555 in total prize money over her time on the show.

Nine years after she seemingly retired, a new spinoff show is coming out called The Challenge: We Want OGs. However, it doesn’t appear Rachel Robinson is part of the rumored OGs cast so far.

That said, it’s always possible if the spinoff has more seasons, fans could see The Challenge legend return to compete should they invite her back.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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