Does Victoria go home on The Bachelor? It doesn’t look like it according to ABC’s preview

Victoria Larson
Victoria Larson isn’t going home just yet. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Victoria Larson has seemingly become the villain of this current season with Matt James.

When she first met Matt, she introduced herself as a queen – as Queen Victoria.

While Matt laughed it off and said he loved her confidence, the title didn’t sit well with the other women.

They immediately thought she was so full of herself. It didn’t help when Victoria claimed that Marylynn had bullied her, and then Matt eliminated Marylynn.

Victoria Larson isn’t ready to leave The Bachelor just yet

Now, fans are wondering when Victoria will go home. It’s clear that she’s not a fan favorite, but Matt seems to adore her.

Based on the preview for tonight’s episode, it sounds like Victoria continues to be the villain of the season – and Matt continues to keep her around.

You can watch the preview below.

It isn’t surprising that Victoria is sticking around. It seems that every season, the villain sticks around longer than necessary.

Last season on The Bachelor, Victoria Fuller was the supposed villain because she didn’t get along with the other women, she made Peter Weber feel bad all the time, and she was in the final three.

Victoria Larson doesn’t care about people’s perception of her and Matt James likes that

But, it’s not just the women who aren’t fond of Victoria. Fans are not fond of Victoria, especially after Episode 2, where she told Matt that she had been bullied by Marylynn.

The other women were shocked that she would make such an accusation, especially since none of the women could back up her story.

The Bachelor viewers believe Matt is only keeping her around for producers’ sake. Fans believe that Matt is smart enough to eliminate her because he doesn’t see her as his wife. Fans are convinced that he’s only keeping her around because producers are in his ear.

Even Bachelorette alum JP Rosenbaum added to this theory, sharing on his social media accounts that he believes Victoria is only sticking around because producers want her there.

He doesn’t think that she’s truly there for love as she seems completely out of place. As for Victoria, she doesn’t care at all that people don’t like her. In fact, the label of villain doesn’t affect her at all.

Now, fans are wondering when Matt will realize who Victoria really is and send her packing.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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