Does Madison from The Bachelor drink?

Madison drinking
Madison was on the 2020 season of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Madison Prewett’s religion is a big thing in her life and it influences every decision she makes on The Bachelor.

That includes how she handled the Fantasy Suite date, where she ended up walking out of their overnight date before they even got to the hotel.

In addition, fans are wondering whether she has truly stayed away from alcohol during this season of The Bachelor.

Now, viewers are wondering if she drinks at all or if a life without alcohol is her chosen path.

Madison is sticking to her values

During tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter’s mother Barbara revealed that she felt Hannah Ann was the best choice for him. She felt Madison would change her son.

His brother hinted the same thing, saying that Peter likes to drink while going to line dancing with his friends.

Viewers are now concluding that Madison doesn’t drink at all and that a life with no sex and no alcohol may not be the right path for Peter.

On the show, Madison appears to stay away from all alcohol. While she hasn’t been as open about her stance on alcohol as she has with sex, it’s clear that viewers think she’s been drinking juice and water all season long.

Peter has already revealed that he wished that Madison had told him sooner about saving herself for marriage. However, he has also been defensive of her, saying that she only did what he asked of her — to be honest with him about her feelings.

Interestingly, Peter’s mom is begging for her son to pick Hannah Ann and she told him to not let her go. However, it appears he wants to pursue Madison and her self-eliminating tonight threw him off his game.

Madison has become a drinking game

Madison’s lack of drinking has taken on a twist on Twitter. Madison herself has become a drinking game. During tonight’s episode, fans of The Bachelor joked that whenever Madison said “like” or swatted away a fly, fans were to take a shot.

The episode tonight ended with Madison self-eliminating, but the previews for tomorrow reveal she’s coming back because she regrets her decision after walking out of their final date together. But now the question remains — will Peter propose to Hannah Ann first or will Madison come back in time?

The Bachelor concludes tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 10, at 8/7c on ABC.

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