Does Dolores Catania understand why Jackie Goldschneider won’t apologize to Teresa Giudice?

Dolores Catania on WWHL with Andy Cohen
Dolores Catania shares her perspective on the drama between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider Pic credit: Bravo

Things have been hostile between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider since the start of this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa spread a rumor she heard that Evan Goldschneider was cheating on Jackie when he went to the gym. She shared the information with her friends at the birthday party Jackie threw for Evan.

Upon finding out, Jackie became extremely upset and asked Teresa to sit down and talk about it. They ended up meeting at Margaret Josephs’ home since it was neutral ground and Jackie pleaded with Teresa to admit that the rumor was not true.

Teresa insisted she didn’t do anything wrong and that she was just repeating a rumor she heard. She also wouldn’t reveal her source.

After Teresa didn’t seem to understand Jackie’s perspective, Jackie used an analogy and said she heard that Gia Giudice, Teresa’s oldest daughter, snorts cocaine in the bathroom. She made the analogy in an attempt to get Teresa to understand how spreading a rumor without facts behind it can hurt a family.

Teresa didn’t think it was an appropriate analogy and exploded on Jackie. Now, both the women think the other owes them an apology.

Jackie insists that her analogy was appropriate and has refused to apologize for what she said. Dolores Catania is now speaking out about the whole situation.

Does Dolores understand why Jackie won’t apologize?

On last night’s episode of RHONJ, the girls continued their vacation at Lake George, and Jackie chose not to attend because of the drama with Teresa.

During the trip, the women spoke about the situation several times in hopes of trying to help get Teresa and Jackie to both understand the other’s perspective and hopefully put the situation to rest.

Both women have stuck to their guns and feel the other owes an apology. Dolores appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and a fan asked her a question about the whole thing.

The fan asked, “Do you agree with Melissa that if Jackie were to apologize to Teresa the fight would be over? And do you understand why Jackie does not want to apologize?”

Dolores responded and said, “I, I think that apologies are only good after everybody’s emotions have calmed down. So I, I think that everybody needs to not even bother speaking to each other. Apologize or not, it’s not going to work right now so everybody needs to calm down.”

As to whether or not she understands why Jackie won’t apologize, she said, “I do, yeah. I do. Okay.”

Joe Benigno says he also heard the cheating rumor

While the drama between Teresa and Jackie has continued, Margaret Josephs’ husband, Joe Benigno had some input to share when he attended a night out at Joe Gorga’s house.

While the women were away, the men got together but Evan did not attend. During their time together, they started to talk about the rumor and whether or not they believed it was true.

Joe chimed in and said that he had also heard the rumor about Evan and used the excuse that women are in his house talking about different things all the time. It’s unclear whether his statement could cause further drama down the road if Jackie catches wind that Margaret may have known the rumor was being spread and never said anything.

As Teresa and Jackie continue to stand firm on not apologizing, it looks like more drama will be on the way as the season progresses.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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