Did Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Saffire Matos break up? Here’s the evidence that has Jersey Shore fans convinced

Ronnie Magro during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro posts cryptic messages on Instagram leading fans to think he and Saffire Matos have broken up Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro recently started a relationship with his new girlfriend, Saffire Matos.

Saffire is the first person Ronnie has seriously dated since his tumultuous relationship with Jen Harley. Ronnie has said he is the happiest he’s been in a long time and his Jersey Shore costars agreed that it was nice to see him more stable.

Ronnie and Saffire have both shared affectionate photos together on social media and appeared to be really happy together.

Recently, however, some strange social media posts have caused fans to wonder if the couple broke up.

According to CheatSheet, a fan on Reddit pointed out that Ronnie made some emotional posts on his Instagram stories and stopped following Saffire for a brief period of time.

Ronnie shared two quotes to his Instagram stories. One read, “Having healthy boundaries invites the right people and energy into your circle of intimacy. [Having] no boundaries allows the wrong people and energy into every aspect of your life.”

The second post read, “You wanna impress me? Stick around and grow with me, I never had that before.”

In addition to the cryptic messages, Heavy reported that Ronnie also shared the poem Because You Are a Good Heart by Najwa Zebian. The poem was about people with good hearts, the sacrifices they make to please the ones they love, and the reasons why they are sensitive.

Fans think Ronnie and Saffire called it quits

After seeing Ronnie’s posts, some fans believed it signaled the end of their relationship. Ronnie was criticized for getting into a new relationship after everything he’d been through with Jen Harley over the last several years.

One fan said, “That’s what happens when you focus on your relationships instead of bettering yourself. If he cared half as much about therapy as he did about dating, he might actually make some changes lol.”

Fan thinks Ronnie Magro focuses too much time on dating and not enough on bettering himself
Fan thinks Ronnie Magro focuses too much time on dating and not enough on bettering himself Pic credit: @xScoopityWhoop/Reddit

Another added, “Ron needs to not date at all and get some serious therapy.”

Fan comments on Ronnie Magro's relationship on Reddit
A fan thinks that Ronnie should focus on therapy instead of dating Pic credit: @BookReader1328/Reddit

Saffire continues to share posts about Ronnie

While Ronnie posted emotional quotes to his Instagram stories, Saffire continued to share mushy posts about him on hers.

Heavy reported that Saffire shared a video of her and Ronnie kissing on the same day that he posted the poem. She captioned the video and said, “The only person I ever wanted to be with. Thanking God for giving me a soulmate,”

According to Ronnie’s Instagram, he is following Saffire again and has yet to post additional cryptic messages.

The current status of their relationship remains unknown at this time.

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