Did Peter Weber just spoil the ending of The Bachelor?

Peter Weber
Peter Weber may just have spoiled the ending of his season of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has continuously said that his ending remains unspoiled for this season of The Bachelor.

But he recently posted something online that is causing quite the stir — a “boomerang” clip of himself with Hannah Ann Sluss in bed.

The two were shown about to have breakfast in bed as he popped a champagne bottle.

Then, suddenly, the video was gone.

Peter Weber hides video from his social media profile

After the clip was posted then quickly deleted, it didn’t take long for people to start guessing that perhaps Peter had shared a video that he shouldn’t — as it may have revealed Hannah to be the last woman standing.

However, the headboard in the video is the same as the one that the two had in their bedroom during the Fantasy Suite date. In other words, it looks like it’s just unseen footage.

But the question is — why did Peter remove it? Was it an accident that he posted it or did the producers ask him to remove it as he didn’t post anything from the other overnight dates?

Did he just reveal that he’s with Hannah Ann, as she’s the only one he shared a video of?

Peter Weber’s finale is still up in the air [Spoilers]

At the present time, Peter’s finale remains unspoiled. However, we do know that Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann are the final two women, as he sends Victoria F packing at the beginning of the next episode.

But there are a few things that aren’t the same this time around. For one, Peter appears to be making his own rules. He didn’t ask any of the women’s fathers permission to marry them.

He also chose to create dates throughout the season to weed through the drama, asking Tammy and Mykenna on a two-on-one date simply to send one or both of them packing, depending on their answers.

Peter also brought Alayah back on the show after he had sent her home. He even gave her a rose.

Peter has discussed his dumb decisions on The Bachelor but blamed the show’s structure. He argued that he wasn’t used to dating so many women at once and since he didn’t want to hurt them, he made some questionable decisions.

At the time of writing, the season still remarkably remains unspoiled. While Peter has revealed that he’s happy, he hasn’t confirmed whether he’s engaged to any of his final two women.

Whether there was a clue in his post-and-delete remains to be seen.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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