Did Peter Weber connect with The Bachelor fans from Kelley’s apartment?

Peter Weber
Peter Weber may have connected with fans from Kelley’s apartment. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently in quarantine with the rest of the country, as he waits out the coronavirus pandemic.

Since he works as a pilot, he’s required to go to work because air travel is considered an essential business. But when he’s not in the air, he’s required to self-quarantine.

And he’s been spending his spare time at Kelley Flanagan’s apartment in Chicago.

As viewers may recall, Kelley was on The Bachelor. She was sent home right before hometown dates. Peter and Kelley had a special connection as they had met prior to going on The Bachelor.

They had met in a hotel lobby and this previous meeting was a pain point for some of the other women. As it turned out, it didn’t work to Kelley’s advantage.

Peter Weber threw a paper plane out of Kelley’s window to people waiting below

Peter has been staying at Kelley’s apartment and they have shared the news on social media. As it turns out, it sounds like some fans figured out where Kelley lived and showed up at her apartment.

On Instagram, Peter reshared a video from Dustin, showing Peter throwing a paper plane out her window.

Down below is a car waiting with a group of women, possibly fans of The Bachelor.

Peter fans
Did fans come visit Peter Weber at Kelley’s apartment? Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

Given quarantine and the need to protect themselves from COVID-19, Peter, Kelley and Dustin stayed up in her apartment.

Fans of Peter, Kelley, and Dustin appeared to visit them despite Peter being labeled as the worst Bachelor star to ever film the show. Peter even admitted this after his many bad decisions on the show.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan could be rekindling their romance

Even though Peter admitted he made mistakes, Kelley appears to have forgiven him. She’s been joking with Peter about not picking her on The Bachelor during their quarantine together.

Just this past week, Kelley already joked about Dustin leaving them so they could have some alone time. Dustin has already revealed that he could see Kelley and Peter dating and has expressed his full support in them a starting serious relationship. He has also called himself the awkward third wheel.

As for now, Peter and Kelley have not confirmed a relationship. Instead, they are spending their time on Tik Tok, making funny videos for their fans.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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