Peter Weber admits he’s one of the worst stars of The Bachelor yet

Peter Weber
Peter Weber knows that people have their opinions about him. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s journey on The Bachelor is winding down as he only has six women left on the show.

Peter definitely has some favorite women in the crowd and he isn’t about to spend time dealing with the drama on the show.

Because of the way he has handled himself on this season of The Bachelor, viewers have said various things about him, including things that are not particularly nice.

Headlines have called him everything from the worst Bachelor ever to even a villain.

Examples of his poor decisions include sending Alayah home based on opinions from the other women and then inviting her back on the show, only to send her home again.

He also pinned Tammy and Mykenna up against one another on a two-on-one date to get them to stop their drama but sent both of them home after not seeing the results he wanted.

Peter Weber is getting a villain label

Peter is aware that people don’t support his decisions, but he’s not here to listen to any of it. Instead, he claims he’s developing tough skin as he stands by his decisions.

“I’m definitely getting some tough skin now,” he told E! News. “But I just…I understand that there’s a lot of drama-drama right now and things are kind of crazy, but I do think it’s a little…it’s too bad a lot of the criticism and a lot of hate that’s kind of been kind of coming out.”

While Peter came on the show to find a wife, he claims he doesn’t have time for the drama that comes with the show.

“I just think there’s no place for that and there’s too much of that right now, and I wish that people could more focus on spreading love and just more positivity and not so much negative stuff, because again, we’re just we’re all human, and I know there’s a lot of opinions about a lot of the women on the show, a lot of opinions about me,” he says.

But it’s hard for viewers to focus on spreading love when Peter’s own actions, especially in comparing his season to others, is taking the focus away from the process.

Peter Weber bragged about unspoiled ending

Some of the hate towards Peter began back in December before the show even started airing. It’s no secret that some of these seasons are spoiled before they air, but Peter’s season has yet to be spoiled.

We don’t know who he picks in the end, possibly because he hasn’t made the decision yet. There are guesses that the final pick will be revealed on After The Final Rose.

But he appeared to be bragging about his unspoiled ending, which made some people question why he was doing the show.

He appeared to be much more interested in the fact that no one could figure out how his season instead of focusing on finding a wife.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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