Did Paige DeSorbo cheat on Southern Charm star Craig Conover? Here’s what we know

Craig Conover on Souther Charm
Craig Conover opens up about Taylor Ann Green’s accusations. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 9 of Southern Charm is back, and the premiere did not disappoint.

The Charmers picked up filming after Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle tied the knot, with a party being hosted for the married couple.

Everyone, including Austen Kroll, was invited to celebrate the happy couple. It would be the first time Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green had seen each other since the intense confrontation at the Season 8 reunion.

Craig Conover was also there, sticking around his boys, Shep and Austen.

Something went awry between Craig and Taylor regarding what happened with her and Shep. And that’s when she insinuated that Paige DeSorbo may have cheated on Craig.

Is there any truth to the word vomit that came out of Taylor’s mouth while she was incredibly emotional?

Craig Conover reacts to cheating accusation

While talking to E! News following the Season 9 premiere, Craig Conover revealed his thoughts about Taylor Ann Green’s accusation.

He said, “It was just sad for me because I think I realized in that moment how lost Taylor really is. I care about her and I was like, ‘Man, you’re really struggling.'”

Taylor believed she would be the one to tame Shep, who has been a lifetime bachelor, and that just wasn’t the case. He cheated on her more than once, and the premiere argument stemmed from Taylor accusing Craig of not doing more to prevent Shep’s cheating ways.

Craig revealed that his response to the accusation was just to walk away, saying, “I kinda laughed because I was like, ‘Me and Paige just sit on her couch and watch TV.’ It would be a little hard for either of us to be out there being secretive. I don’t think that comes with this territory anymore.”

He did tell Paige, who he says reacted similarly to the situation.

Taylor Ann Green has a tough season

While Taylor Ann Green is newer to the group, she has built friendships among the Charmers.

Despite lashing out at Craig Conover during the Season 9 premiere of Southern Charm, he reveals the two smooth things over in the upcoming episode.

Taylor is rumored to have a tough season ahead, which includes another hookup with Shep Rose. The scenes have been part of the trailers released, and with it happening, it opens up another layer of complications.

Also, there is thought to have been some romantic happenings with Taylor and Austen Kroll, which could really shake things up. The fallout from what the Charmers think happened between these two is bad.

Be sure to tune in next week to see things between Craig and Taylor smoothed over.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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