Did Michelle Duggar call out Derick Dillard, or was it just subtle shade?

Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Michelle Duggar spoke at the IBLP conference. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family has been on the receiving end of claims made by Derick Dillard. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have not yet commented about the accusations officially, but may have just hinted at it during their speech at the IBLP.

Right now, the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) is having their big yearly conference. Jim Bob and Michelle spoke there, and what they had to say was interesting. Is this their way of addressing what is going on within their family?

What did Michelle Duggar say?

Without a Crystal Ball vlogger, Katie Joy was able to get her hands on the videos that show Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar giving their talks at the IBLP conference.

In the video, Michelle Duggar references a book that is from the 1800s that had a list of things that should be done in the church family home. She reads the list almost word for word until one, where is talks about meddlers and talebearers. Michelle then pauses and addresses the definition of gossip and goes on to do the same with slander, though that is where it gets interesting.

Michelle Duggar mentions that slander is the use of truth statements with the intention to hurt. But Katie Joy pulls up an actual dictionary definition of slander, pointing out that it is actually when untruths are used to hurt, which makes this peculiar. Was she trying to call out Derick Dillard? Did they acknowledge that his claims are true?

Jim Bob Duggar makes an interesting admission

Later in the speech when Jim Bob Duggar talks, he addresses getting angry and having to apologize. It has long been assumed and speculated that he is a hothead. Derick Dillard has insinuated that Jill Duggar grew up in an abusive situation, even referring to her as a victim more than once.

He admitted that he has had to apologize to his children after losing his temper. Jim Bob also mentions how actions like that could drive children away from God because their perception of God is that he is similar to their father. Is this what he thinks happened with Jill?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their relationship with Jill Duggar. She is the first daughter who married and moved away, and now, there are all these public and unresolved issues.

Derick Dillard confirmed that they are no longer affiliated with the IBLP and have completely cut ties with them. Could that be why Michelle and Jim Bob are expressing this during their talk at the conference? This is the first time they have seen this group since Derick’s claims began last year.

While they have yet to officially address what Derick Dillard has claimed, it seems that cousin Amy Duggar King has vouched for them on several occasions. Jill Duggar has gotten closer to her cousin over the last year, and most recently, spent time with her where the ladies were enjoying a double date and “freedom” as the caption indicated.

Things aren’t settled for the Duggars, and after a recent social media unfollowing spree, it is clear that they may never be the same.

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