Did Maurissa Gunn just hint at the reason behind her alleged breakup with Riley Christian?

Riley and Maurissa on Bachelor in Paradise.
Maurissa Gunn drops new hints about her alleged breakup with fiance Riley Christian. Pic credit: ABC

Was their plan to move in together the downfall of beloved Bachelor in Paradise couple Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian?

Maurissa appeared to hint as much in a recent Instagram post that she liked.

“Move in together. It speeds up the breakup process,” the post read.

Although neither Maurissa or Riley have officially commented on their relationship status, the two have been dropping hints for weeks that there’s trouble in paradise.

Maurissa and Riley made history on Bachelor in Paradise

After becoming the first black couple to get engaged on one of the Bachelor shows in the franchise history, Maurissa and Riley cemented their place as fan favorites.

The two quickly began planning Maurissa’s move from Atlanta to New York to be with Riley, as well as future family and wedding plans. They spent time with each other’s families and Maurissa flew out several times to see Riley.

The two were pictured together as recently as December 25th, sporting matching pajamas in a Christmas post.

“Christmas with you is the best,” Maurissa commented.

“@maurissagun 1st of many,” Riley answered.

maurissa comments on riley's instagram post
Pic credit @rileydchristian/Instagram

Social media sweeps and quotes hint at a breakup

However, shortly after the new year began, Maurissa deleted photos of the pair and shared cryptic quotes. The two haven’t been seen together since Maurissa left New York on December 30th.

Maurissa initially left their People magazine spread and several Bachelor in Paradise shots, but has since deleted all but one photo of the two on their first date in Bachelor in Paradise. She also is rumored to have recently updated her Facebook status to “single.”

Maurissa Gunn allegedly recently changed her relationship status to single
Pic credit: @AnyChildhood1747/Reddit

The two were known for their envisioned Sunday mornings together. Riley spoke on the show about his dream of spending leisurely Sunday mornings with his wife and children.

Throughout their relationship, the two showed off cute photos and videos of their Sunday morning activities.

Fans hope for a reunion after Sunday morning posts

Fans were sent speculating again on the status of their relationship when both Riley and Maurissa took to social media to wish their fans a happy Sunday this weekend.

“Happy Sunday” Maurissa captioned her Instagram story.

“Happy Sunday morning!!” Riley wrote in a Twitter post.

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn talk Sunday mornings
Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

However, most fans agreed that a reunion seemed unlikely after Maurissa’s recent Instagram activity.

Riley hasn’t removed his photos of Maurissa, but did recently like a Tweet stating “the people who swear they solid be the quickest to fold.”

riley christian likes a cryptic tweet
Pic credit: @misssignorina_/Twitter

He also retweeted a quote in early January reading “it it compromises your mental health or happiness don’t be afraid to walk away!”

riley christian hints at breakup
Pic credit: @RileyDChristian/Twitter

Fans are still hopeful for a possible reunion as neither has publicly acknowledged a breakup, but for the moment things aren’t looking good for the pair.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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Anne M.
Anne M.
2 years ago

Sure pray Maurissa and Riley get their issues, if any, fixed and stay together. They love each other! Riley be true to Maurissa, she is a lovely young lady! You have to love that sweet beautiful lady, she loves you! So fix it. You two need to be together. Bachelor Nation is not happy with you two apart! Be true to each other, they way it is suppose to be. Work on it, takes hard work. Love you both!