Did Kailyn Lowry give birth? Teen Mom 2 fans speculate after Javi Marroquin takes kids on trip

Kailyn Lowry is due any day with her fourth child. Pic credit: MTV
Kailyn Lowry is due any day with her fourth child. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry announced in February that she’s expecting her fourth son. The due date was reportedly July 25, which means she’s overdue- and fans are eager for the little one to make his debut.

This week, Kailyn’s older sons Lincoln, 6, and Isaac, 10, were spotted with Lincoln’s dad Javi Marroquin and his family on the beach.

Javi posted photos with the boys to his Instagram account, and that’s when rumors started to swirl.

Fans think the baby has arrived

In the comments on Javi’s photo, which have since been turned off, a fan speculated that the baby might have arrived.

“Kail must’ve had the baby if Javi is babysitting for her,” the user wrote. Another user quickly agreed, but Kailyn shut it down.

“I don’t need Javi to babysit for me. But that was a cute assumption,” she retorted.

Javi's Instagram post with Lincoln and Isaac. Pic credit: @javim9 / Instagram
Javi’s Instagram post with Lincoln and Isaac. Pic credit: @javim9 / Instagram

The fan may have assumed that Kailyn had the baby because Isaac was also with Javi, who isn’t his biological dad. Kailyn and Javi’s relationship is rocky at best, so the fan thought it unlikely that she would’ve sent Isaac with Javi for any other reason.

However, Isaac has always been close to his ex-stepfather, and Kailyn hasn’t tried to keep the two away from each other. The beach trip for the boys may have been pre-planned and a nice way for Isaac to spend time with Javi regardless of his baby brother’s impending arrival.

This baby is Kail’s second with Chris Lopez

Not pictured with Lincoln and Isaac was Kail’s youngest son, 2-year-old Lux. Javi and Kailyn broke up before Lux was born, so Lux didn’t have an existing relationship with Javi like Isaac did.

Lux’s father is Chris Lopez, Kailyn’s on-and-off (but mostly off) boyfriend. He and Kailyn have a tumultuous relationship that seems to have been very bad in recent months. She’s even said she doesn’t want Chris in the delivery room for the birth of their baby.

It’s unclear what Kailyn’s plans are after the baby arrives. She’s the only one of the Teen Mom 2 girls that’s earned a 4-year college degree, but she hasn’t used it much professionally- she’s been focusing on the show and parenting her children.

Kailyn will soon be even busier as a single mom to four sons, but she may not be done yet. She has said that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if she gets pregnant again and has talked about wanting a girl.

Whatever Kail ends up doing, MTV will surely be there to document it.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus from MTV.

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