Did Big Brother make a houseguest pay for their own stitches after an injury?

Julie Chen With Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves will have her first Big Brother 25 exit interview soon. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren made an interesting comment on social media concerning what happens when a houseguest gets hurt in the game.

Andy played Big Brother in Summer 2013 as part of the BB15 cast, and he referenced an injury that he says GinaMarie Zimmerman suffered that summer.

“Yesterday I was talking to a friend who said he heard that CBS is cheap and wondered if I had any firsthand knowledge,” Andy started a post on Twitter.

“And I was like, ‘GinaMarie needed stitches after a comp because a nail sticking out cut her and CBS took the cost out of her prize money.’ My friend gasped,” Andy went on to say.

During that season, Andy took home $500,000, and GinaMarie won $50,000 for finishing as the runner-up. The final vote was 7-2 in favor of Andy when the BB15 jury made their choice.

The season itself has been buried under controversies since it aired, and nobody from that season has been brought back to compete again.

Andy posts a lot about Big Brother on social media

Over the years, Andy Herren has made a lot of posts about Big Brother and new casts that have played the game. Recently, he has been cheering on Taylor Hale, both from her time in the BB24 house and also how she has been interacting with fans on Twitter.

Below is Andy’s post about GinaMarie’s injury. She has not yet commented on it, but it would certainly be eye-opening to hear how this all went down.

Andy BB15 About GinaMarie
Any Herren from BB15 makes a post about his season. Pic credit: @AndyHerren/Twitter

As for his time in the game, below is a recent post that was shared depicting Andy’s finale night speech as he was trying to win Big Brother 15.

He was pretty good at playing Big Brother, and he would certainly be someone to contend with if the producers ever did an all-winners season as Survivor has done in the past.

More Big Brother news

Sticking with the theme of Big Brother 15, fellow houseguest Amanda Zuckerman is expecting another baby. She has been sharing pictures of her baby bump recently, and they are expecting their child to arrive in early 2023.

And Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale revealed who she wants to have as a partner on a season of The Amazing Race. It might surprise some people to learn that she didn’t pick Joseph Abdin.

Big Brother 25 airs in the Summer 2023 on CBS.

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