Did Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen split up? Bachelorette fans believe so

Becca and Garrett
Fans believe that Becca and Garrett have split up. Pic credit: ABC

Becca Kufrin thought she had found the man of her dreams on The Bachelorette when she met Garrett Yrigoyen.

While he appeared like a sweetheart on the show, previous social media posts surfaced when the show was airing.

He later apologized for those posts on The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose, but over the past couple of months, it seems that his views remain controversial.

Since the killing of George Floyd, Garrett has been in the spotlight for his comments that aren’t necessarily supportive of Black Lives Matter.

This has caused some trouble between Becca and Garrett.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett may have split according to the new fan theories

Now, there is a new theory that Becca and Garrett have split up completely. Even though the two have previously denied a breakup, fans believe that they are definitely done now.

Cheat Sheet is reporting that Becca is living with her mother and receiving her mail there, while Garrett is living with his brother and his nephew.

“I’m not sure if this is worthy of its own post, but in a separate thread someone mentioned that Garrett had commented on a friend’s Instagram post about a new address so I did some digging and found the comment. Very, very interesting,” a person posted on Reddit.

While people on the thread posted that people could live apart and still date, others thought it was weird that they hadn’t committed to a wedding date after getting engaged on The Bachelorette.

It doesn’t help that Becca’s podcast co-host Rachel Lindsay has a problem with Garrett. After Garrett made his views about Black Lives Matter and police brutality public, Rachel distanced herself from him.

Now, she has another thing to say about him.

“I think he’s a piece of s**t, and I have said to her, ‘I will not f**k with him,’” Rachel said about Garrett while visiting the Danny Pellegrino’s Everything Iconic podcast.

“He has doubled down on his beliefs,” Rachel explained. “This isn’t the first time he’s had problematic behavior. When he was on the season, he had a history of liking things that were racist, sexist, homophobic, calling the Parkland students child actors, it was a lot, so this is who this man is. And he’s a piece of s**t to me.”

Becca Kufrin has revealed she’s been tested over the past couple of months

Becca and Garrett didn’t spend the Fourth of July holiday weekend together, but she did leave a sweet message on his Instagram post. During that same week, she revealed that she had been tested in many ways over a recent couple of months, but fought back accusations that she and Garrett had split.

At the time, she denied that they had split, asking fans to please do some due diligence before reporting that she was single and had dumped Garrett.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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3 years ago

I believe that Rachel Lindsay is being given to large of a platform. Certainly she has a right to her opinion, but it is not right for her to be calling someone names no more than it is right for someone else to say something wrong. At least what he said he apologized for, she wont. She is not anyone that should be out there voicing her opinion on everything. Honestly who cares if she stops having to do with Bachelor nation, it is not like it will stop without her. I believe she holds herself at a much higher regard. I have no problem with anyone no matter what color you are. Rachel and a lot more people like you are the ones that are making it about who is what color. You are probably a racist yourself even though you married a white man. I get so tired of seeing you and your opinion blasted everywhere, I just think honestly who do you think you are. You have led a privledged life and you have not experienced what those people have that honestly are out there fighting the fight for changes that you truly dont know about that they are living. Name calling and degrading is not helping anyone and makes you no better.