Devoin Austin calls out MTV, angry the positive aspects of his life aren’t shown on Teen Mom 2

Devoin Austin on Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin wishes more positive aspects of his life were shown on Teen Mom 2 Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin of Teen Mom 2 has never been shy when it comes to sharing his opinions on social media, and his most recent rant is no exception.

Devoin recently shared a post calling out MTV for not paying attention to fan’s comments.

A Teen Mom gossip page shared his comment that was originally posted to his Instagram story.

He wrote, “Dear whoever the f*ck run [Teen Mom] do y’all not read these mother f***ing comments ???? What’s up with y’all ?”

Devoin made it clear that he was fed up with the positive aspects of his life not being filmed for the show such as him taking Nova and her sister Stella out to dinner and to the arcade despite Stella not being his biological child.

He’s also maintained a stable relationship with his girlfriend and has goals of running his own food truck business.

Instead, he feels he’s only brought up on the show when his baby mama Briana DeJesus is complaining about him not showing up at gymnastics or not providing enough support to their daughter.

Devoin received a lot of fan support and couldn’t understand why MTV does not pay attention to him or the fans.

Teen Mom 2 fans show support for Devoin

Several Teen Mom 2 fans were quick to weigh in and show their support for Devoin.

They’ve felt that he has stepped up to be a supportive father to Nova and even to her sister Stella despite her not being his biological child.

A fan commented and felt that it was “messed up they don’t include more positive stuff when he is brought up/shown” and wrote, “I think there is a lot more good from him these days than there used to be.”

A fan defends Devoin
A fan defends Devoin Pic credit: @bsbgurl85/Instagram

Another fan came to Devoin’s defense and mentioned how other dads are shown on the show and his segments seem to be more brief and only show him picking Nova up from things. They made the point that the show should involve the dads more “because teen pregnancy affects them as well.”

A fan defends Devoin
A fan defends Devoin Pic credit: @urstrulyjen_24_/Instagram

One fan noted that Briana “wouldn’t be a teen mom if it weren’t for him” so felt he deserved more screen time.

A fan defends Devoin
A fan defends Devoin Pic credit: @its_ciara/Instagram

Kail Lowry gives Devoin air time on her podcast

Fans have started to see Devoin in a different light. Another Teen Mom star, Kail Lowry, wanted to allow him to talk about everything he has going on by appearing on a segment of her podcast.

He recently appeared on her Coffee Convos podcast and shared more about the positive things going on in his life.

While Devoin continues to be a major part of Briana’s storyline on the show, it seems that fans think it’s about time they highlight more of the good things he is doing for his daughter and in his own life.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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