Devin Walker calls out castmate’s overall performance on The Challenge: ‘What a legend’

devin walker appears on the challenge double agents aftermath show
Devin Walker called out his castmate online for her overall performance on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

With competitors anxious to get their Gold Skulls on The Challenge: Double Agents, it’s bringing lots of strategizing and emotions. That included several female competitors wanting to go get their Skulls in Episode 10.

Among them were Gabby Allen, Lolo Jones, and Nany Gonzalez, who were Skull-less heading into the latest installment.

While watching the episode back, Double Agents star Devin Walker called out Nany for her wanting to go into what appeared to be an “easy elimination” and her performance in 10 seasons of the show.

Nany wanted to go into elimination in Episode 10

In Episode 10 of Double Agents, Devin Walker and his newest partner, Gabby Allen, were able to win the Black Sand Ops mission. By winning that daily mission, they became the new power team with the control to send in one team to elimination.

Devin wanted the house vote to send in Josh Martinez and Nany and then put a strong team against them. However, his main intent was to get rid of Josh by giving Chris “CT” Tamburello or Nam Vo a spot against him.

The house vote ended up going differently as it went towards rookie Amber M and her partner, Cory Wharton. It was a female elimination and a Hall Brawl, meaning plenty of competitors wanted to go down to face Amber.

When host TJ Lavin asked Gabby if she wanted to go in and earn her Skull, she passed on the opportunity. Instead, Devin and Gabby sent in Darrell Taylor and Amber Borzotra. Devin said the reason was they weren’t voting along with him in previous weeks.

That irritated Josh and Nany a bit as Devin didn’t send them down, which arguably would’ve given Nany the easy Skull. In the end, Amber B. came away with hers after a strong Hall Brawl win over Amber M.

Devin calls out Nany during Double Agents episode

As various Double Agents cast members get to see the episodes air, they go on social media to give their thoughts, insights, and extra details. Devin was active on his Twitter account, and posted quite a few quips towards Nany.

In a part of Episode 10, Nany has a conversation with fellow Challenge veteran Leroy Garrett. She commented about Devin thinking he had power in the game with the daily win but that he really didn’t.

“Shut up Nany 10 years 0 wins,” Devin tweeted on Wednesday evening as the show was airing. Nany first appeared on Battle of the Seasons in 2012 and has one appearance in a final in 10 total seasons of the show. She’s also racked up 24 daily wins and a disappointing 3-9 elimination record.

devin walker tweet about nany gonzlez double agents
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

In a separate tweet, Devin called attention to how Nany wanted to go into the Hall Brawl elimination against the smaller competitor, Amber M. As viewers saw in the episode, Amber B. claimed a relatively easy victory over her fellow rookie to claim a Gold Skull.

“Nany all fired up to go into the hall against literally the smallest person in the history of the show… what a legend,” Devin tweeted about the latest episode.

devin walker tweets about Nany gonzalez during double agents ep 10
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

Despite Devin’s sarcastic tweets, there doesn’t seem to be any genuine hate between him and his castmate. During the recent episode of The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, Devin and Nany were among the guests. Nany started cracking up at one point when Devin was bragging about him being a major part of the show.

“He’s just Devin. Like as much as I can’t stand him, I love him because he makes me laugh,” Nany admitted during the Aftermath show. The two castmates also admitted that whenever they’d pass each other in the hall of The Challenge house, they’d exchange expletives rather than pleasantries to each other.

There are plenty of viewers who dislike Devin, but he’s also got a good amount of fans out there. At this point, it’s hard to argue that he has been bringing a decent amount of entertainment value to Season 36 of the show.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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