Derick Dillard breaks silence following interview, thanks fans for ‘encouragement’

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar on Counting On.
Derick Dillard thanks fans for their encouragement. Pic credit: TLC

Derick Dillard speaking out against Jim Bob Duggar was a big deal. His interview with Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball dropped March 27 and things haven’t been the same since.

The interview wasn’t live and it was done by e-mails and DMs on Twitter. Katie Joy explained what Derick Dillard had to say, including his response that he and Jill Duggar were no longer affiliated with the IBLP. From there, the tea kept on spilling.

Derick Dillard thanks followers for encouragement

While he has remained mostly silent following the interview, Derick Dillard did despond to followers who commented about listening to it on Without a Crystal Ball. He thanked them for their encouragement and things ended there.

Aside from the other things Duggar followers have learned from Derick Dillard, there were some more new tidbits mentioned. He revealed that Jim Bob Duggar is very liberal with throwing around the TLC contract and has squashed opportunities for other family members. Dillard even talked about a job he had a shot at but was turned down after “someone” spoke to them.

With the probable pushback that Derick Dillard is going to get for the interview, seeing followers supporting him is likely comforting. Things have been quiet since it dropped last week, but moving forward, it will be interesting to see how involved with the Duggar family he and Jill Duggar will be.

What’s next for Derick Dillard?

There has been some talk about Derick Dillard writing a tell-all book. He has dropped hints in the past and with all the behind-the-scenes information, he could make a pretty penny with something like that.

Currently, Derick Dillard is enrolled in law school. He and Jill Duggar have two little boys, but the question about whether they will have more is never answered. She had difficult births with her boys, and for now, it looks like a family of four is what they want. As he continues school, she is staying at home with the kids.

The family will never appear on Counting On again and that appears to be fine with them. Derick Dillard has hinted that he would do another show, but there is a lot that comes with that.

Jill Duggar went through a lot and her husband helped her through. She is coming out of her shell and is closer than ever to her cousin, Amy Duggar King.

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Lori Martin
Lori Martin
4 years ago

How do i hear the interview.